Turkish Van Resources on the Web

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The World Wide Web contains a lot of sources of information about Turkish Van cats and their breeders. We have included a few links of general interest below and will add more as we learn of them.

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dark_bullet2 The Turkish Van Site: FAQs, photos, and information

dark_bullet2 Turkish Van history, breed characteristics, and standards

dark_bullet2 Vantastix Turkish Van Cat Club

dark_bullet2 CFA Breed Standard

dark_bullet2 TICA Breed Standard

dark_bullet2 Fanciers Breeder Referral Listing for Turkish Vans

dark_bullet2 Information on Lake Van Turkey note that in Turkey, the Van cat is considered to be all white with odd eyes.

dark_bullet2 Nice photos of Turkish Vans on this South African web site

dark_bullet2 A source of links on feline veterinary medicine

dark_bullet2 PetView Magazine Online: pet health and care

dark_bullet2 This site has more interesting cat names than you can shake a stick at

dark_bullet2 Extensive pet links

dark_bullet2 Jeanette's cat Garfield

dark_bullet2 Cattery El Sham and links

dark_bullet2 Nice pictures of Turkish Vans on this Danish site

dark_bullet2 Tansdale Turkish Vans in England

dark_bullet2 The UK's Turkish Van Cat Club web site is here

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