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Some people collect stamps, some beanie babies, I collect ancestors. If you are doing the same, stop by for awhile and make yourself at home. Search my tree and feel free to use my links.
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What you see on the individual family pages is only my direct lineage.  I also have cousins, aunts, and uncles that I haven't published, and also I haven't published information that I do not have enough documentation to support.  If you are researching the same families, or need additional information,  I would love to hear from you, I collect cousins, too!

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Note:  In the interest of privacy, I do NOT include LIVING individuals.  If you see someone still living, please contact me at the above e-mail address.

MY NEWSPAPER DISCARDS!! - You will find over 100 different surnames in marriage, death, and divorce announcements from a scattering of Sunbury's newspapers from 1861 to 1905.  These are gleaned from copies that I made of
announcements of interest to me.  I couldn't use them, maybe you can!

 LOST AND FOUND ANCESTORS!! - My page of Lost Pennsylvania Ancestors that I have rescued from antique stores.  Look for yours!  (This link is starting out small but please bookmark it and check back from time to time!)

 DOCUMENTS AND TRANSCRIPTIONS!! - My page of documents (e.g., wills, marriage applications, and so forth), some will be scanned, some transcribed (also starting out small, but keep checking).

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