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My family - Nov 2007:

Mom, Dad, Sariah, Sara-Jayne, Mikayla, Melissa, JJ, Rebekah, Alexandra, and Craig

Hi and welcome to my webpage, I am glad that you could stop by! This is a page I have created and includes some info on me and my family, family history information, things that interest me and some pictures. Keep up-to-date with family news section.

family history. A section of this website is dedicated to showing my direct lines, in which I have gone back between 4 - 17 generations on each side.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints If you would like to know more about my religion please click Here

I also have two blogs: In My Opinion which just reflects my views on various subjects and Climbing Your Family Tree which is a resource for those interested in researching their family history.

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visit my family history. So far I am part: Scottish, Englsh, Irish, German, and German-Russian.

I am 4 Gerenations CANADIAN on the German-Russian side of my family.

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my Great Grandfather Harry Johnson died while serving in the first World war, visit his page of honour

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