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  This page is designed to publish the work of my family's resident genealogists.  Our family has grown quite large over the years. All genealogical date can be found by following the Genealogy option on the main menu above. The current dominate surnames are Luke and Wilson. Going back several  more generations we add Boe, Ford, Woodruff, Cooley to the list. For more information about surnames please go to our surname page where we give a description of the name and the location where that particular branch (coming soon) of our family originated. All records for individual people can be found on the records page. If you wish to download gedcom data or some of our family history that has been computerized please go to the downloads page. I hope you find something that you were looking for and we would be happy to hear from you.

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Please note: I am the publisher of this data. If you are researching your family history and wish to ask questions please direct them to the genealogists listed on the contacts page as they would be able to answer your questions more readily.

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