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The Australian Badge Club

The Australian Badge Club is open to all members of the Scout and Guide Movements and other organisations who would like to start or increase their collection of badges.
Members are encouraged to swap by correspondence, at district camps, club meetings etc, in between large camps such as Jamborees.
The Victorian Section of the Australian Badge Club meets at Scout Headquarters, 48-50 Barry Street, Carlton on the 3rd Sunday of every 2nd month, (ie. January, March, etc.) commencing at 1.00pm.
Regular meetings are held in Brisbane and Sydney, details as advertised in the Club Magazine, "SWOP".
"SWOP" is issued bi-monthly and members are requested to send in articles/advertisements for inclusion.
Members and Visitors are always welcome at all Club Activities.
The aim of the Australian Badge Club is to accumulate, assemble and provide facts relating to the history of Scout and Guide badges from all over the world; to provide advice and support for individual collectors.
There are some members in overseas countries thus encouraging international friendship by correspondence.
It is essential that members reply promptly to all letters received. If you are unable to supply badges requested, please return the ones sent to you by return mail.
Award badges are not catalogued, nor is the swapping of such encouraged.
As a general rule Scout District badges are not sold through the Club as this would "flood" the market and prevent the easy swapping of that particular badge.

For more details about membership,
Contact the SECRETARY