Draw a Wombat
Learn to draw a WOMBAT

The hairy, snuffling WOMBAT is somethings like a pig
With a rather grumpy nature and an awful urge to dig
(Just for fun I'll call him Willy
Though I know he'd think this silly).

Now if I were drawing Willy, as perhaps you'd like to do
I'd sketch at first a fattish bean, then add a leg or two
Complete with claws made mighty strong
For moving tons of earth along

Our Willy's head is not too big, but hard and rather square;
It's made that way so Willy can go burrowing everywhere.
His eyes are small and very dim.
For daylight means bed-time to him.

And if you should chance to wander through the bush some day
You might call on grumpy Willy in his burrow on your way -
But do not be surprised should he
Refuse to ask you in to tea.

Source unknown.

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