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Guiding started in Portland in 1927 when the first Commissioner for Glenelg, Mrs M. Winter-Cooke, presided over the first meeting. There were then thirty-two guides in four patrols forming the 1st Company. In 1934 Guides took part in the Centenary of Portland celebrations and during the war a Cycle Corps was formed. LADY BADEN-POWELL visited the town in 1946 and in 1958, a big region rally was arranged and had to be held in the hospital grounds as Lady B-P had become a patient there.

Guiding started in Hamilton in 1923 and was able to continue uninterrupted throughout the 2nd World War. "Murndal", the original homestead of the Winter-Cooke family, stand on the Wannon River and here the first training week was held in 1923 by two guiders sent from England. The first mounted Guide company formed in the Wannon area had to travel seven miles to their meetings.
On the outskirts of Hamilton are Wannon and Nigretta Falls, both beauty spots. Between these the Region has a camp-site, "Malangeeba", shared with the Scout Association and used regularly for trainings, camps etc.
Casterton Brownie Park opened in 1928, although the Guide Company started in 1926. There was a Ranger Company in 1929 and in 1930 the first Local Association was formed. Coleraine District bought the old town railway station and converted it into a Guide Hall complete with open fireplace!
Guiding started in Dartmoor in 1929, and also started in Heywood in that 1929 also.
Western Border Region is proud of the place it holds in the history of Guiding.

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