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There are two ways of climbing a mountain.
One man goes steadily upward, following the track that has been made by others or has been pointed out by the guide book; he keeps his eyes fixed on that track so that he may not miss it; his one determination is to be successful in getting to the top.
The other climber is equally anxious to reach the top, but he looks wider.
He looks ahead and higher and sees where the former track may now, owing to wash-outs, etc., be improved upon, and he varies his course accordingly.
Occassionally he pauses to look around him and to realise the glorious view that is opening and unfolding itself at every step; thus he gains the spirit of exhilaration that lightens his task and gives him fresh encouragement to press on.

Then, too, he looks back and realises that the foot-hills through which he has laboured are mere mole-hills now, and he is in a position whence he can wave encouragement and direction to others, who are still struggling through the early part of their climb. Thus he pursues his way in cheery exaltation rather than with the stern laborious doggedness of the other climber.

So in our work - indeed, in any work of life - we should look forward, well forward, with high aims and hope; look around with joy and goodwill; look back with thankfulness at what has been accomplished and then press on with renewed vigour, with helpful initative, and with broadened outlook, towards the highest goal, not forgetting to give a helping hand to others as we go.

But when you look - look WIDE; and even when you think you are looking wide - LOOK WIDER STILL.

Look Wide