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Main Trees:

Eckhoff Family Tree Germany>Missouri>Texas

Lillard Family Tree France>Virginia>Texas

Damm Family Tree Germany>Missouri>Texas

Schweers Family Tree Ostfreisland (Germany)>Texas

Balzen Family Tree Ostfreisland (Germany)>Texas

Muennink Family Tree Ostfreisland (Germany)>Texas

Schoon Family Tree Ostfreisland (Germany)>Texas

Hickey Family TreeTennessee>Georgia>Texas

Robinson Family Tree UK

Henderson Family Tree UK

Names found in the family Trees:    

Albers    Alpers Andressen Ball Balssa Bradley       Bless Brachman Broers    Berens    Bumstead   Balzen    Campbell Carswell   ClaBen de Braam Crow Cummings      Damm Davis  Delemater  Eckhoff    Elder Ellabracht Field Friedrichs    Fulford  Gerdes Grote    Greene   Hickey Hashagen Harms    Hardt Hayen    Hinrichs Henderson    Hensley Herwick  Isaacs James Janssen    Jiljes   Jones(Lillard) Jones(Hickey)  Johnston    Kieke Kuck Kienappel   Kothman Lampke    Layton Lemberg Lightfoot Lillard McCoy Moore Muennink Neil Olsen  Patterson  Prince  Robinson Rogers    Rheiners    Saathoff Sandusky Seal Steigler    Spiggle    Schoon    Schweers Stockfisch Taylor Ubben Whigam Wiemers    Widdon  Williams  Zuercher   

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Eckhoff Forum


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Historical Background and links to:

Missouri (Cole Camp)

Medina Co Texas

Ostfriesland, Germany        

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