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I Love My Family Ties

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Come In and Sit Down

Mom  who was the one who wanted this site has died.
 I wish her peace and love! 
She is in a much better place ! 
Her hell is over! She found my sister 
and made peace with her!

    In mine family we have alot of interest one being 
searches of genealogy with a list of my surnames..
 Smith,,Fox,,and Blouin..
 My family came from Canada,
Scotland ,
New York,
 To name afew
 ,if you are interested in any of them e-mail me 
for more imformation..I still have
 gendex files to upload bear with
 me as I set them in to an idex form.
We have gone back as 
far as 1600 on most names. I have not 
listed all the names here!
Check out my genealogy page for more!!

Gene Page Click Here
This more to up date later.



    We now are tring to open medical records for the

 adoptee's no one should be not be aloud to know the family

 history, it is the worst kind of minoraty.And if two persons

 of age want to meet who is the law to say no.These are mine

 main goals in life ..To stop the lables that we give to the 

foster kids to the adopted one .

adoption page


Thank you for stopping by.!!!


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