When we eventually left the denominated church, it was a time of serious soul searching. It was a time of loneliness, as it is for some, in which we longed for spiritual comfort while searching the mind of God for answers. Eventually, we found, there were others who were not only searching the scriptures as well as we, they were asking the same questions. Answers with conviction to many questions came slowly. However, the Lord provided answers as scriptural evidences began to present themselves to heart-felt questions such as: What do we do now? Where will we worship? What can take the place of the "church family" we've lost? We're not "giving of our means as we've been prospered", so how will we give God our "offering"? Where will we and how will we "go to church"? By God's grace and mercy, answers to many questions became apparent as we, perhaps for the first time, searched the scriptures while daring to think for ourselves. Old truths began to be seen in a new light. God is able to shine the light if we are willing to search for the truth.

Admittedly, searching for truth can be uncomfortable. Learning new truths always is. Unlearning what has been accepted as truth is always unsettling -- if only because we may have to admit that we were wrong about some things. Bringing so much "religious baggage" makes new truth difficult to recognize. For some of us, our glasses of denominational hue have tinted the scriptures for so long and to such an extent that we may never really get a free and clear view. But God is able to help with the most important questions -- and answer them in such a way that focuses our hearts and minds on the one thing of greatest importance: Jesus Christ.

Jesus said "where two or three come together in my name" (NIV), He followed it with "there am I with them" (NIV; Matt 18:20). Dear friends, this is truth. Even though we may be lonely, if Jesus is there we should never think we are alone. Sheer numbers are and have ever been the tool by which we mortals gauge our success or failure. God is not impressed by numbers -- He has ever been the Great Equalizer!

So how can we, how must we worship and serve God in a real and living way? Good questions -- hope we can shed some light on these from this site. Making a decision with commitment to serve the Lord (Josh. 24:15) may mean we don't know what route others may choose; we must choose to serve the Lord first. One thing is certain: it is not easy to forsake the old, familiar paths and strike out on your own but, praise God, if you have already or if you've thought about it, let me assure you, it will be worth the price paid! What's more, you won't be alone!

There are some among us who understand, and there's One who understands far better than all of us. He will be with you, will guide you, and will never forsake you.

Living Stones may challenge your religious thinking. We hope so. Yet, this web site is not for everyone. If it was, there would be no reason for it to exist. The "status quo" is fine for church institutions and we realize we will probably never change them; however, many are no longer content to serve The Living God and The Risen Christ with the shackles and burdens imposed by men. These writings are dedicated to those and for those who are trying to free themselves from the baggage and who long for freedom in Christ Jesus. Sorry, but many have already left the man-made buildings of brick and wood -- for one made of living stones.


We are families who meet in our homes in and around the Greater San Antonio Metropolitan area. We are informal in our meetings and open in our fellowship of other believers, accepting all in our midst who claim Jesus as Lord, the Christ and Savior, the Son of the Living God. The Eoffs, Griffins, and Nunns have a background from the Churches of Christ; others have struggled free from other institutions. The writers may have differing opinions on some points. Unity in the body of Christ allows for diversity of opinion. It must, because unity through forced and enforced conformity is not unity. Our only vision and purpose are one: Glory to God through Jesus Christ.

JOHN & DIANA EOFF live in Kerrville, Texas. John is a home contractor/builder and Diana is a retired school teacher (special education). Their children and grandchildren are scattered about Texas and the U.S. John writes occasionally for publications such as Ensign, The Reformer, and others. Email John & Diana @

NEAL & CAROLYN GRIFFIN live in Helotes, Texas. Neal & Carolyn are both retired educators and have children and grandchildren living in San Antonio and St. Louis, Mo. Neal is a contributing writer for Ensign, The Reformer and other publications. He has recently begun a mailing list. Email Neal & Carolyn @

GARY & DONNA NUNN live in San Antonio, Texas. Gary is currently an educator and former Air Force officer, retired, and Donna is a former nurse. Children live in Florida and Arizona. Email Gary & Donna @

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