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Robert Wyckoff and Maya Hasegawa

Maya's 2008 Update

Robert picked up a gig a couple of days a week teaching trumpet, trombone and percussion classes at the Philbrick Elementary School in the Roslindale section of Boston. Still playing with Boston Community Choir and singing Sundays for a church choir in Hingham.

Grandchildren count now at 8 with the recent addition of Kimberly, who joins mom and dad Gretchen and Daniel and her brothers Andy, Ian and sister Ursula. Welcome, Kimberly!

This year carried all the ingredients for ozoni with mochi and inari sushi out to South Hadley to join Maya's mother Marii for traditional japanese new year breakfast. The mochi was prepared a few days before and we stood around our kitchen one evening drinking sake and beer and watched the mochi maker spin and knead the steamed rice until it was the proper consistency to be spread in a pan and cut up into little squares. So you can share in the excitemement of that evening we have uploaded a little clip of the mochi spinning around in the mochi maker. First clip is short, 10 seconds. Second clip is much longer. The real spinning action starts around 4:30 to the end. Enjoy!

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