Welcome. I hope you have found my site helpful and entertaining. Please take a moment to see who else has visited. Thank you. Ciao for now, Ray.

Bad Bunny - 11/05/00 11:53:06
My URL:http://www.badbunnny.com/
My Email:bdbunny@bigfoot.com

Nizzawebsite. Dank für das Lassen ich Ihr guestbook unterzeichnen

Gail - 09/30/00 23:24:57
My Email:gmorris@wcnet.net
Surnames you're researching: Moser
I can't seem to get your email to work. What is your current email? We are related through Moser. Myranda was my ggrandmother Winnie C. Moser's sister. Got any more pictures of Moser?

William Ray - 03/23/00 01:47:38
My Email:icubsn@yahoo.com
Surnames you're researching: ray, prude, downing, bottoms, garrett, jennings

Jerry W. Ray - 03/20/00 18:14:45
My Email:gonybird@ipa.net
Surnames you're researching: Ray
Got you a good page going. I'm searching my great-grand parent, Thomas J. Ray back from April 1828 in Ala. Had a brother William J.. Having a time of it getting back past this Alabama bump. Know of anything? Thanks, like your page...

Gina Fortson - 10/26/99 17:23:49
My Email:efortson@yahoo.com
Surnames you're researching: Ray-Fortson
I'm just checking to see if there's any connection to the Ray's from Elberton, GA. If so, I think we are family.

joyce cowan - 10/18/99 19:58:05
My Email:mrnglry13@aol.com
Surnames you're researching: Marshall
I tried to send you an e-mail. It came back unknown. We are related. Please write me. Thank You, Joyce Cowan

Ann Marshall Gregory - 06/14/99 00:54:05
My Email:SWYankee@yahoo.com
Surnames you're researching: MARSHALL
I love the photo's and they look familiar!!

Ray - 06/10/99 07:10:58
My Email:nacoma@prodigy.net
Surnames you're researching: CHASTAIN
Just checking

- 04/01/99 18:12:34
My Email:lorene@jps.net
Surnames you're researching: McClanahan
I saw your name on the Ky rootsweb site

Juanita Bradshaw - 01/25/99 00:13:41
My Email:juanita@ucinet.com
Surnames you're researching: Chronister,Harper,Uselton
I am so happy that I chose your name when I looked at my choices, My friend is just goining to be so happy. Thank you

Ramona Jean (Chasteen) Jackson - 12/27/98 00:23:19
My Email:ramonaj@webzone.net
Surnames you're researching: Chasteen, Ledbetters, watkins, wheatley, coonce, crowell, grant, phillips, jackson, creech, nesbitt, mcCrea,
I was glad to find your web page. I have my Chasteens back to about 1600's. I have been doing geneology for about 18 years as an novice. I have lucked on to some very good leads, have a friend at Salt Lake, and an aunt that has done some Chasteen work and she even wrote a book on our line. wishing you luck on your own quest, ramona

Virginia Winn Parker - 10/13/98 09:18:48
My Email:vmwparker@aol.com
Surnames you're researching: Steele, Hitchens, Combs, Evans, Clapper
Dave/David Steele and his sister -either Ann or Mary- were teachers in OK Indian Schools. Want info onthem or advice as to where to start looking for info onthem. both b. est 1890-1900, prob. MO Sibling was Thomas Alex Steele-my grandfather- b. 1896 Bristleridge Johnson Co MO. Thanks

Lynn Nevens - 10/01/98 18:03:20
My Email:lan55@aol.com

Gail - 06/28/98 21:20:06
My Email:donald.metzger@2000MCI.com

Tom Wilde - 06/27/98 02:03:30
My Email:wildeman@pinn.net
Surnames you're researching: Wilde, Kennedy, Woodhouse, Richardson, Maharge, Blanchard, Johnston
Ray, Your page looks great! Love those pictures. Need more of them. Tom

Amy Brown - 06/26/98 20:03:31
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Flats/4239
My Email:sab@tallassee.net
Surnames you're researching: many
I like your webpage! Keep up the good work! I too am a genealogy enthusiast, and I have created a webpage called Connect With Surnames for people and websites to be listed (by submission only) with the surnames that they are researching. I'm going all ut on publicity, and I hope to be able to assist others. If you would be interested in submitting your surnames, visit me at the address above. Thanks, Amy Brown

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