This is my very first attempt at anything like this so please bear with me.....grin.
First, to my husband, Mike, aka Daedalus, who has put up with me and allowed me the freedom to try whatever I wanted to for the last 30 years.  The man deserves a medal.  My Kids, who have endured life with me,  to the many friends I have made over the last year on the internet.  A special, heartfelt thank you to our veterans of all branches who have helped me to release the ghosts that have haunted me for all these years and to whom we all owe more than we can ever repay.

Suzy           Mike                         Willy

Mike, aka Oldsleddog, My best friend and strength for nearly 30 years.Suzy, aka Wicked, my daughter,  she is 26 and very much like her mom....please don't hold that against her........LOL.   Willy, my son is 30, and takes after his dad......(whew, he is safe).......grin.

Christopher 5 & Angel 10 months

Our grandson and grandaughter,  Suzy's pride and joy................  I still swear I am way too young to be a grandma.......grin.


Bits and Pieces of the Far North

Hot Tub 105F ....outside air..minus 57F....

January 2000...
and it snowed and snowed .......


I guess here is where I need to tell you a little about me to explain the reasons for this page.   I am a military brat, my father was Army, my step-father was Navy/Air Force.  I grew up around military and I feel comfortable listening to them talk about military things.   I have to confess that I am embarrasingly patriotic, jets flying over make my heart beat faster, the flag flying above me makes me feel proud , patriotic songs make me cry, and the Marine's Silent Drill Team causes me to hold my breath in awe all the way to the last flourish.

Me 1968

In December of 1965, mom and I joined my step-father on Okinawa, that is when Vietnam became very real to me.  We we stationed at Kadena AFB and lived just outside the gate and I attended high school at Kubasaki High School at Fort Buckner.  The Red Cross came to our school ever 6 weeks or so for blood donors and it was quite a sight to see the entire gym filled with everyone 16 and older ready to give blood for our troops in Vietnam.  I got into the habit of going to the hospital to give blood, it was close to home and much less conjested.  I began quietly slipping into the wards to visit with the wounded waiting to go home.  I would read them letters and other things to those who couldn't, hold hands, offer a shoulder to those who needed one to cry on (most of the time, I think I did as much crying as they did), and generally just flirted with the fellas.

The hospital used to routinely throw me out, but after a while and some of the fellas help, they let me stay and just ignored me.  I stayed with the severely wounded wards, maybe because I had a captive audience who couldn't get away from me. I don't really know why, I guess cause they sorta seemed to need me.  I don't know whether I really helped them or not but they seemed to like having me around and that was all I needed to keep me coming back.

I have carried the memories of all those boys with me for years, they have haunted my dreams and it was not until I started chatting on the internet that I have been able to release those ghosts and deal with the memories.

  A Simple Soldiers Plea
A letter to home, to country, to God
The Wall

As you can tell Vietnam is my special interest, I would like to take a moment here to reflect on how much we all owe to our service people of all branches in all areas of the world.  It does not matter whether they are on foreign shores or serving at home.  We owe them all our freedom.  Please take a moment from your busy day to send a silent prayer for all those who have, are, and will serve in the United States Military and her Allies.  For those who have given their lives, and who have been changed forever by their service.



We can never be a whole nation again until all are home or accounted for.
Until then the torches stay lit and the yellow ribbons continue to fly.

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  Willy did a tour with Alaska Air Guard

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