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Welcome to my little home on the web. Time is passing so very fast.
We are in the year 2009 - February and valentines day to be more precise.
Wow!!! This year will be a year like no other.
This is the year for the church to rise up and fulfill all the Lord has for her.
Right now, the church as a whole is irrelevant and a joke to the rest of the world.
Shame on us! A line is being drawn in the sand and
it is time to choose your side. As for me and my house,
we WILL serve the Lord.

I am still working on updating all of the pages here.
So, if a link doesn't work, please bear with me.

Grab a cup of coffee, or better yet, hot apple
cider and settle back. I have a lot to offer.

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Paul's Midi Place.

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