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Training your Dog
Training your pet or show dog is important. It helps build a strong bond between you. The more you train, the closer you will become and the more secure and confident your dog will feel.

The Alpha Concept
Your dog can love you very much and still try to dominate you or other members of your family.

Cropping and Docking
These operations are elective and should only be performed after careful consideration.

Assembling a canine first aid kit for home or travel use is fairly simple.

Puppy Socialization
Making a better life for you and your pet.

House Training your Puppy
It's not a "method", it's understanding the dog's needs, physiology, behavior and ability to learn.

Household Hazards
And Other Helpful Hints -- Household products and plants are the most common culprits in poisoning cases. In the case of poisoning from household products, many companies cover the costs pet owners incur when it was determined that their product was responsible for the reaction.

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Other Important Stuff

German Pinscher Standards
Standards from the United States and Europe.

The History of our Breed
The German Pinscher is a German breed descended, like the Schnauzer, from old European "swamp-dogs". One of the first examples of the breed came from Western Europe in 1472.

Other German Pinscher Sites
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We welcome you to the wonderful world of the German Pinscher!

Nothing is more important to us than the welfare and perpetuation of these remarkable companions. For more than 400 years, generations of breeders first in Europe and now in the United States have sacrificed their time and energy to preserve and improve this highly intelligent and loyal animal.

It is our goal to continue this legacy by providing as much information and education as possible to ensure that purebred German Pinschers and their owners will always be held in the highest esteem by all who encounter them.

Is a German Pinscher for you?

The GP has medium size, short smooth coat, is muscular and powerful; yet elegant in appearance. Ears may be cropped or natural and the acceptable colors are shades of red, black with red markings, blue with red markings, and fawn. An adult GP weighs 22 to 40 pounds and measures 17 to 20 inches at the shoulders (withers).

They have a strong terrier background, of strong will and mind. The GP is determined, and can be manipulative, and assertive. The breed can be very possessive over things and/or owners. Highly intelligent and willing learners, the GP makes a wonderful companion with firm, but gentle and consistent coaching. Early and frequent socialization including obedience training is strongly encouraged. They are long-lived and keep their puppy playfulness well into adulthood. GP's love to travel and enjoy adventure in any form. They can be good with children if they are raised with or around them. Children need to respect a GP and, adults should always supervise their interaction.

Fred & Faye Baryol, Devoted lovers of the German Pinscher

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