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Hello, and welcome to my webpage. My interests are family, home education, current events, weather, books, cooking, sewing, health, and etc... Actually, I really have too many to list. :o) Below you will find a link to my home education page, and below the home ed link-- you will find links for everything from current events to cooking to weather. I hope you can find something of interest during your visit here.

NOTICE: I DO NOT HOMESCHOOL OTHER'S CHILDREN! THIS PAGE IS NOT INTENDED FOR LEGAL ADVICE. MY WEBPAGES ARE STRICTLY FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Disclaimer: The information provided on this web site is for informational and educational purposes. Links to other sites are provided only as a service. These links do not constitute an endorsement of products, services, or information provided by other sites. klmommybear's website is not responsible for the accuracy of information and data provided by other sites.

My Home Education Page

My homeschool resource list!

Links to other sites on the Web

5-Day Precipitation Forecast Map

The New 5 Day Total Precipitation Forecast Site
Contact Info for the Race Track
Main Site for Race Track
Watson Ranch Organic Fertilizer
Contact Info for Watson Ranch Organic Fertilizer
Storm Prediction Center
Cowboy's News
Find a TX Nursing Home Report
Photos of Main House - Uncle Alfred's?
Photos of the old Garage Apartment - Uncle Alfred's?
Pole Vaulting in Jacksonville
Price of Weddings at the new place you visited with KayBaby
Cherokee Co Disaster Payments
Earthlink - Faster & Cheaper Dial-up possibility for you

People/Phone Number Search

Yahoo People Search
Freeality Reverse Phonebook
Telephone Area Code and Prefix Searches
Intelius People Search
Regular Phone or Cell Phone
Telephone Prefix Finder (5 free searches per day)

News & Media Sites

Tyler Morning Telegraph
Jacksonville Daily Progress
WorldNet Daily
The Daily Sentinel
Cherokee Co. News Blog
Cherokeean Herald
Right Nation News
Clay Center KS Newspaper
Katie's Photos
Rush Limbaugh
Free Republic's Latest News
Free Republic
AP News
AP Entertainment News
Texas AP Wire
OpEd Journaling
KTBB 600 AM Radio News/Talk/Weather/Sports
KTRE's Website
Headline of the Day
Entertainment Photos
News & Entertainment Photo Images
Page Six
New York Social Diary
NY Daily News Dish
NY Mag Weekly Intelligencer Column
Yahoo Comics
Houston Chronicle Comics

Boston News & Weather

Yahoo Weather Boston
TWC Boston
AccuWeather Boston
WHDH-tv NBC Weather
WCVB-tv ABCWeather
WBZ-tv CBS Weather
Weather Underground Boston
WBZ-tv CBS News
WCVB-tv ABC News
WHDH-tv NBC News
Boston Globe Newspaper
Boston Herald Newspaper

Livestock & Agriculture Sites

Country World Livestock Market Reports
Search the EWG Farm Subsidy Database
Tri-County Livestock Auction Site
Weekly Livestock Auction Reports
East Texas Agriculture News
Texas A&M Crop & Weather Report
AgriBiz Weather Links Page

Radar Sites

New Link for Shreveport Radar
Region56 Radar
Animated Shreveport Radar
Weather Underground Radar for Nac
Animated Regional Radar for Nac
Shreveport Radar Loop
Channel 12 Storm Tracker Radar
Shreveport NWS Radar
Channel 9 Doppler Radar
Channel 9 Animated Doppler Radar
Animated Shreveport Accuweather Radar
Accuweather Shreveport Radar
Intellicast:DFW Radar

Precipitation Forecasts & Info

QPF Precipitation Models
RAINCAST by Intellicast (Neat!)
Another QPF Model Page (easier to read)
HPC Model Page
Precipitation Maps from MARFC
A Color 1-day Rain Forecast Map
A Color 2nd-Day Rain Forecast Map
Excessive Rainfall plus All Day-1 QPF Forecast Maps
All Day-2 QPF Maps
QPF Index of Maps
1-2 Day Total Rainfall Amount Forecast (updated in the a.m. and p.m.)
1-3 Day Total Rainfall Amount Forecast (updated in the a.m. and p.m.)
Rainfall Maps & Forecasts's Precipitation Forecast
EarthWatch Heavy Precipitation Forecast
Another Set of 1-5 Day Preciptation Forecast Maps
PSC Precipitation Forecast Maps
Gulf Area 5 and 10 Day Precipitation Forecast Maps
6 to 12 hour Winter Weather Precip. Forecast
18 to 30 hour Winter Weather Precip. Forecast
Updated: Main Winter Weather Forecast

Weather Channel Forecast Links

TWC Precipitation Map (Large)
The Weather Channel Forecast for Nacogdoches
TWC Lufkin Forecast (Recently more accurate than the TWC Nac site.)
TWC Tyler Forecast
TWC Weekly Planner Maps


AccuWeather Forecast for Nacogdoches
10-Day AccuWeather Forecast for Nacogdoches
AccuWeather Precipitation Forecast Maps

Other Nacogdoches & Area Forecasts

WeatherUnderground Nac Forecast (NWS)
Intellicast Nacogdoches Forecast
Shreveport Area NWS Weather Discussion
Rusk NWS Weather Forecast
Nacogdoches NWS Forecast/Conditions
Bob Peters' Weather Forecast
WFAA-Dallas Morning News Weather Forecast for Tyler
WFAA-Dallas Morning News Weather Forecast for Nac
DFW Weather Page
Weather Lab Nacogdoches Forecast(Recently offline)
USA Today Weather for Nacogdoches
Yahoo Weather for Nacogdoches
Nacogdoches AOL Weather Forecast (TWC?)
InfoBrand Nac Weather Forecast
Nacogdoches Fire Weather Discussion
Lufkin Fire Weather Discussion
Shreveport Area Main Fire Weather Forecast Site
Boise Fire Forecast Link for Shreveport
Shreveport Fire Weather Discussion (This link hasn't been updated since 12-7-01.)
ABC/ACCUWEATHER for Nacogdoches(not updated recently)
WGN 5-Day Lufkin Weather Forecast
Current Weather Conditions for Nac
East Texas Skywarn (Nacogdoches Area Storm Chasers and Radar Sites)
Rain or Shine-Nacogdoches
Another AVN for Shreveport/Lufkin-Nac (through Wright Weather's site) Warning: They now charge for this site!
Texas AVN Forecasts (scroll down its site for Lufkin)
Texas MRF Forecasts (scroll down its site for the Nac MRF forecast)
NWS MRF for Lufkin-Nac (not updated since 4/7/03)
NWS MRF for Shreveport (not updated since 4/7/03)
Lufkin AVN Forecast
Lufkin MRF Forecast
Lufkin GFS Forecast
Lufkin NGM Forecast
Lufkin MRF-MOS Forecast
Nac GFSX Forecast
Lufkin ETA Forecast

General Weather & Forecast Products

Computer Model Forecasts and Discussion
30 Day and Long-Range Outlook Maps
A Look Ahead (Weather)
National Weather Service-Texas Data
Ft.Worth/Dallas NWS
Ft.Worth/Dallas NWS Discussions/Forecasts
Southern Regional Climate Center
New NWS Nacogdoches & Texas Data/Forecasts
Houston NWS Site
Houston NWS Forecasts/Discussions
Website for a Fast Look at Actual TEXAS Weather Forecasts, Local Weather Reports and Conditions
Texas Forecast/Data Page
Texas Forecasts & Observations (Wright Weather)WARNING: THEY NOW CHARGE FOR THEIR SITE!
Shreveport NWS Home Page (they forecast for this area)
New HPC Weather Graphics-Forecasts
A File Directory of Buckeye WX Models
AllWeather Info & Forecasts Page
Dave Baron's Forecast Model Links
Weekly Threats Assessment (made on Tuesdays)
MRF Forecast Loop
Buckeye WX Numerical Models
Numerical Model Forecasts
More Forecasts with Graphics
Louisiana Weather Links
Louisiana Weather Forecast Products
Texas Weather Links
Texas Weather Forecast Products
PSC Fronts/Temps/Satellite/Radar 4-Panel Map
Forecast Models & Related Information
NOAA's Drought Information
Drought Monitor
PSC Temperature Forecast Maps
StormChase Surface Weather Maps & Conditions
Newest 6-10 Day Forecast (began 7-5-00)!
New 8-14 Day Forecast Site
New Forecast Maps & Discussions Site
The Weather Dude
Wild Weather.Com
Weather Forecast Maps (by ~Jewett)
Weather from MapMakers
John Parlagreco's Weather Page
Mark's Weather Links
Flood Threat
Flood Risk
ERCOT Tx Weather Forecast
EarthSat Weather Services
Day 3 Precip. Pops (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 4 Precip. Pops (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 5 Precip. Pops (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 6 Precip. Pops (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 7 Precip. Pops (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 3 Min. Temp Forecast (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 4 Min. Temp Forecast (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 5 Min. Temp (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 6 Min. Temp. (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 7 Min. Temp. (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 3 Max. Temp. Forecast (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 4 Max. Temp. Forecast (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 5 Max. Temp (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 6 Max. Temp. (issued daily at app. 12 noon)
Day 7 Maximum Temp. (issued daily at app. 12 noon)

Winter Weather

KETK Weather
KLTV Weather
NWS Rusk Forecast
Dr. Bob Peters Weather
NOAA Texas Weather
Day 1 Chance of Freezing Rain (at least 1/4 inch)
Day 2 Chance of Freezing Rain
Day 3 Chance of Freezing Rain
Weather Underground Nac
AccuWeather Ice Accumulation Maps
Accuweather SouthEast Ice Accumulation Maps
Excessive Rainfall
Winter Weather Discussion
NWS Shreveport Watches & Warnings
NWS Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlook
Graphical Forecasts from Shreveport
Shreveport Winter Hazardous Outlook
10 Day Rusk TWC Forecast
TWC 36 hour Rusk Forecast
TWC Severe Weather Map
TWC Travel Map
TWC Weekly Planner Maps
TWC Short Term Forecast Maps
NWS Shreveport Watches & Warnings
Hazardous Weather for Nac
Graphical Forecasts
Real Time Weather
AccuWeather for Nac
AccuWeather for Rusk

Oil & Gas Lease + Metal Detector Info

TAMU: Hints on Negotiating an Oil and Gas Lease
Broken Detector Repair
White Electronics Main Page
White Electronics Manuals

Property Tax Link & Texas Tax Exemptions

Texas Tax Exemptions
Cherokee Co. TaxNet

Home, Health, Crafts, Etc.

Hearts at Home Disc. Boards
SewNews Magazine
Hobby Lobby (check out their internet coupon!)
Managers of Their Home Website
Sewing World.Com
Hancock Fabrics' Disc. Board
Stain Removal Tips & Information
ThatSite! Forums!
AmityMama Forums
Going Bridal
The (gets you organized!)
Weight Watcher Info
Prescription Drug Index
Go Ask Alice: Columbia Univ. Health Q&A Service
Virtual ER
CrashTest.Com (include automobile recall info, crash test results, etc.)
Dr. Lee (natural progesterone)
Modern Mom
Moms With Attitude
Dr. David Williams: Instant Solutions
Symptom Checker
Discontinued Items
Appliance Repair Tips & Help


The Dollar Stretcher
Frugal Living Links
Yahoo People Search
Freeality Reverse Phonebook
Flamingo World! Discount Shopping, Clearance, Closeouts, Coupons and Free Offers!

Recipes-Cooking Section

Hillbilly Housewife Recipe Collection
The Cook's Thesaurus
Food Section Blog/Digest
Linda's LowCarb Recipes & Tips
Kitchen Math (great for recipe conversions)
Kitchen Chaos Recipes Index
Crock-pot Recipes from The Mining Company(About.Com)
Allergy/Asthma Recipes
Holiday Recipe Collection
The Kitchen Link-Merry Gifts,too!
The Bread Community Forum
Once-A-Month Cooking
Grandma's Kitchen
Gift Jar Recipes
Gifts You Can Make In The Kitchen
Heartbeat's Kitchen
Home Arts Discussion
Free Apple Recipes
CrockPot Cooking Links
An Adventure with Cooking
Baking Help Website
Vanilla Information
Bed & Breakfast Recipes
Recipes for Special Diets
Great Cooking Site (This is a scouting site, but it includes great mix recipes, etc...)
SOAR's Recipes, Recipes, Recipes
TopSecret Recipe Site
Amy's Acreage Recipes
Robin's Web Recipes and Cookie Exchange Information
A Great Food Message Board
Cooking for Crowds Recipe Conversion Site
4-H Food Show Page
Homemade Christmas Gifts
Cookie Help Website
Medieval Cooking Updated for Today
A Cooking Forum
TopSecret Recipe of the Week
Recipe Exchange
Online Gravevine Church Cookbook


Hooked on Facts
Nacogdoches Scanner Frequencies
Decent Films Guide
UrbanLegend Search Engine
I'm Resigning from Being An Adult! Cute!
On-line Comparison Search of Book Prices
Nacogdoches Public Library
Another NPL Site
Ralph W. Steen Library (SFASU) Catalog
NPR Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle
Screen It Movie Reviews
Reading Group Guides/Discussions
Book Discussion Forum Site
Kat's World!
USA Today Hot Sites
AARP: Is Sixty the new Thirty?
The T.W.I.N.K.I.E. Project (I love it!!!)
Marshmallow Bunny Survival Test Project
City of Nacogdoches Web Page
Author Pseudonyms, Aliases, Etc.
Fake or Photo
What's In Tonight's Sky???
Search the Texas Sex Offender Database
KlaasKids: Megan's Law in All 50 States
Stolen Identity Tips
Legodeath - Museum of Horrors
The Door Magazine (Religious Satire - Interesting and Thoughtful)
Religious/Political Satire
Betty Bowers (Satire)
Online Bird Guide
Bird Source Resource Guide
Online Fun Family Games
Online JigSaw Puzzles
Another Online JigSaw Puzzle Site
kartoo Web Search
Invisible Web Search Engine
Webcams Around the World
Internet Directory Assistance
Word Think: Word of the Day
Smack the Penguin
Fly Guy
Cotton Burr info
Univ. of Georgia Feeding Cotton Burr/Gin Trash info
Cube Dispenser in Kansas
Cube Dispenser on Special
Texas Mileage Checker
Deer Ranch/Polygamist Compound
Bookworm (addictive)
Bubbles (addictive)


Media Domain: All My Children
Soaptown USA - AMC
Pine Valley Bulletin
Barr Association (AMC)
Spoilers for Desperate Housewives
Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives @ The Suburbs
Desperate Housewives Message Board
Reality TV News
TV W/O Pity (Episode Summaries)
TV News
Texas Country Reporter
7th Heaven Episode Guide
The Movie Spoiler

10-Day Forecast Maps

10 Day Precipitation Forecast
10 Day Temperature Forecast
10 Day Soil Moisture Forecast
10 Day Soil Climate Forecast
COLA Weather & Climate Data - Main Site for Above Maps
Other COLA Weather & Climate Data - Main Site for Above Maps

Click for Tyler,TX Forecast

Click for Nacogdoches,TX Forecast

Click for Lufkin,TX Forecast

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