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        James Mallet, of Ash House, Iddesleigh, Devon, England took the surname Veale when he inherited Passaford and its estates from his uncle James Veale in 1781. The Veales had resided at the manor house near Hatherleigh since 1620, the Mallets at Ash since the early 16th century. Before this, the Mallet history was that of the Malets of Poyntington, St. Audries, and Enmore Castle in Somerset, and back to William Malet who accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066 on his successful venture at Hastings, and was amply rewarded for it.
     In the middle of the 19th century, Henry Mallet Veale was sent to farm some newly acquired farms at
Kouderivier, near Caledon in the Western Cape. The current branches of the family that I am aware of are descended from Henry and his wife Elizabeth Saunders of Kings Nympton, Devon.
I have removed the names of living descendants from the website, barring errors which may occur!
Henry Mallet Veale 1831-1905
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Henry Malet-Veale (1831-1905) - (above) of Passaford, Hatherleigh, Devon and Cape Province, South Africa. He had 10 children and returned to England to run the estates there. Remarried, and at 62 took his grandchildren Ralph and Violet back to England to be raised as gentlefolk..
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1904 Journal
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