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My fathers family Claud Samuel Hays or Hayes

my family i am working on putting my father`s family on these pages, some of the names are;long, holden, hays,owens, babb, norman, scott, barnett, plus more.

Buffalo reflex this is our newspaper in buffalo missouri, i go here all the time to find out what is going on in our town, there are a great lot of very nice people here check them out..

MoGenWeb This web site is a must see, if you are doing genealogy research in missouri..this site is maintained by a very nice person Gary Swift...if you go to this site you should send him an e-mail and let him know what good work he does for dallas county,

I will do lookups in the--1850 mortality schedual
dallas county missouri`s mortality schedual for 1850 lots of surnames

I will do lookups in the 1860 mortality schedual
dallas county missouri, mortality schedual for 1860 lots of surnames here also

I will do lookups 1870 mortality schedual Dallas County Missouri lots of surnames for 1870 also

I will also do lookups in the dallas county and leclede county census records for the years 1850-1860-1870-1880....

While you are here please add the surnames that you
are researching and check the names that other visitors
have listed. Possibly we can help each other.

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