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Ridechot / Ritchot / Ritchotte
and Lemire family connection
( also: Lefebvre - Dubois - Brisebois  - St-Jean - Marsolet - Gaudry)

( ... in time, three Lemire brothers would be married to three Ritchot sisters ... !)

Louis Lemire-Marsolet  (b.1731)
(another descendant of Nicolas Marsolet & Marie LeBarbier)

Louis Lemire-Marsolet(1731)  was the first son and second child of
Joseph Lemire-Marsolet  and
Madeleine Gaudry-Bourbonniere
who would have 12 children  born to their household.

Louis married twice:
first to Marie-Josephe Senecal  
second, on November 15 1762, to Marie-Elisabeth Ritchot,
daughter of Pierre Ritchot (ou Ridechot) and Marie-Claire Lefebvre.

Louis had  a son, also called Louis, b. November 24 1764, whose Godparents were Joseph Lemire-Marsolet,   his Paternal GrandFather, and Marie-Claire Lefebvre-Ridechot his Maternal  GrandMother.

Ridechot - 1680

The first Ridechot  in Canada was named
Jacques, born  in 1680.

He settled in St.Michel d'Yamaska and married
Elisabeth  Dubois (Brisebois).

Jacques and Elisabeth had a son, Pierre-Louis Ridechot.

Pierre-Louis  Ridechot married Marie-Claire Lefebvre-St.Jean.

Pierre-Louis and Marie-Claire had one son, Pierre-Dominique,  and three of their daughters (Elisabeth, Claire, Anne Ritchot (Ridechot)  married three Lemire brothers:   Louis Lemire, Joseph Lemire, Joachim Lemire.

Therese  Ritchot, another daughter, became a nun who was known as
Sister Ste.Claire , of the Congregation Notre-Dame.
She was the Founder of the L'Assomption   Convent