Welcome to our place. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed working on it. I have created this, as we are the parents of a special needs child. As well, we have a son who has issues from being the sibling of a special needs sister and who himself has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit.
We have created this page in hopes of providing support to parents and caregiver's of special needs children and adults alike. We have created pages for both of our children. Ashlee's is titled Ashlee's Story - everything about her from A to Z. Tyler's page is titled Tyler's Place - here you will learn all about Tyler and you will find out that his favorite sport is hockey and his favorite team is "Toronto Maple Leafs".
Also very dear to our heart is the Siblings R Special 2 page we created. This page was created, as having a child with special needs we as parents unintentionally lose sight of the issues concerning the siblings, as they sometimes get lost in the cracks by no fault of anyone

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Ashlee's Story
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Camping Experiences for Kids with Special Needs
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Siblings R Special 2
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This is just the start of my part to try to stop child abuse

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Support and information for parents and caregivers of a child with special needs