Hi! I'm Charles Strecker.
Welcome to my home page!
I am just learning how to make a page and still not sure what to put on it,
check it out now then come back later and see what's been added.

Here is a link to my wife Sharon's page!
Visit my wife Sharon's Page, Backyard Buddies
She is deeply involved in tole-painted wood crafts.

Art, Photography, and Graphics
or...whatever else that strikes me at the moment.

I suppose you could expect to see pictures of children and grandchildren
since photography is an interest of mine.

You can see some pictures of the family on the
family tree picture, and a beautiful lighthouse from Maine.

Our oldest granddaughter Grace is a beautiful three year old.

Our youngest granddaughter Emily is now three months old.

Here are three NEW pictures of our granddaughters:
Grace is the "big" sister.
Emily is the "baby" sister.
Grace & Emily are two little dolls.

Go see Strecker Family Tree picture.
Check out the Maine Lighthouse I photographed.
This picture I took of St. Thomas shows the beauty we saw on our cruise in January.

LHS Class of '58

Felix walking

sig ep shieldsig ep badge

Sigma Phi Epsilon -- Indiana Gamma Chapter

E-mail me at chashadar (at) in the meantime.
Please come back soon and visit me.
Most recent update June29, 2004.

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