Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place!


Springfield, SD


Springfield UCC Home





United Church of Christ
Box 332
1002 College Street
Springfield, SD 57062
Phone: (605)369-2360

These pages were created in celebration of our Church's 125th Anniversary which took place in October 1996.

The Congregational Church, now the United Church of Christ, Springfield was organized on November 4, 1871. Later the Church came to include five other churches in the area associated with the UCC. Those churches were:

  • Old Bon Homme Church
  • Leydon Church
  • Perkins Bethlehem Lutheran Church
  • Running Water Church
  • Kingsburg Congregational Church

    Read from our history book here.

    Our church had many activities this year in preparation for the celebration:

  • new sidewalks poured
  • spruced up parsonage
  • new curtains in basement
  • new paint
  • floors waxed
  • new carpeting - thank you to boys from the Springfield Academy for helping take up the old carpet. The Springfield Academy is part of Youth Services International
  • other miscellaneous facelifts to the interior
  • memorabilia gathered
  • Church directory made
  • History booklet put together
  • Cookbook put together.

    directory      history      cookbook

    Helping us celebrate was SweetWater, a sweet trio who harmonize and engage the audience in a lively selection of gospel, country and variety.  Participating in a song, UCC President, Rev. Dr. Paul Sherry blew a pretty good train whistle.

    Springfield, S.D. is located on top of the bluffs where the Missouri River flows into scenic Lewis and Clark lake. The rolling hills that follow this water line can be a beautiful site anytime of year. Looking to the Nebraska bluffs across the lake, the sun will catch the bluffs in various contrasts of light and shadow throughout the day. Most all the wildlife in S.D. is here in Bon Homme county. Hunting, fishing and golf are activities enjoyed in this area. Our golf course overlooks Lewis and Clark lake and the marina area. The deck of the clubhouse offers a great view of the area. Camping is also available at the marina. Not to be understated would be a nature hike or drive at this southern portion of the state.