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6-12-2007 Well it's only been four years since I updated this page (april 03) so here is some updates. We are still in Ohio, but we bought our first house about a year ago. Ally just finished first grade, and Carson will wait one more year to start kindergarden. I now work at a local cabinetery/appliance retailer and thats going well. Adrienne has been working for Warren county MRDD for over a year and hasn't quit! Just kidding I think she actually likes it. I hope to add some more photos soon, but don't press your luck. Below is all the old stuff.

Well were back! Back in Ohio that is. Texas wasn't for us (or should I say Adrienne). This page is just a hobby for me, something to do when I am not too busy with my family (wife Adrienne, son John, daughter Ally & son Carson!) , work , or my passion CARS!!!!. Make sure to take a look at my new page. I have been doing this for almost five years and did not have a page for myself, well now I do! Well it is finally gone, but you can still see some pictures of the porsche 914. The family photo album is still up and running even though I have not added to it in a while.Easter 2002 pictures. Again thank you for visiting my page.

It's a Boy! Carson Parker Montgomery born July 17th 2002 @ 4:30pm. 8lbs 2oz & 20-3/4" Long.

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