Okay there fellow netaholics, do you need webspace to build a homepage? How about help when you get stuck building that web page? Well this is the place to be.

First, to get started on your site, every good "builder" always has a plan or "blueprint" of the project. Once you decide what you want your page theme to be, you will need to decide how you want to get your "theme" to come to life. What kind of graphics would you like? What colors would you like to use? These are questions which need answered and once you get started, all of this info will create your most excellent, personal web site.

Secondly, you will need a place to build this web site. Below, in the "FREE WEB SPACE" section, you will find a list of links where you can get free webspace. You will also see how much webspace is provided, how to get your page to the server, if there are bannerads and if the provider allows CGI bin access or not.

Now if you do not have any experience in building web pages most of these links will help to guide you along. if you run into a problem that you simply cannot solve, refer to the "HEY! FIND HELP HERE!" section of this page. This section is made up of other Netaholics Anonymous members who have graciously volunteered to help out if you run into problems. They may not have all the answers but they will give it their best shot to help you find the answer to your problem.

So, now that you have the basic info you need to get started...GIT GOIN'!!!


Geocities11MbFTP, EditorPopup or BannerNo
Angelfire5MbFTP, Editor?No
Bnpages5MbBrowser, EditorBannerNo
CrosswindsunlimitedFTP, Editor?No
Cynet City12MbFTP, EditorBannerNo
Digiweb FreeWeb1MbBrowser, EditorNoneNo
Earth Online6MbFTP?No
Fortune City10MbFTP, EditorBannerNo
Free Sites Network20MbFTPHeader and FooterYes
FreeYellow12MbFTP, EditorNoneNo
gURLpages5MbFTP, EditorBannerNo
Homestead5MbBrowser, Editor?No
Internet Club15MbFTP, EditorBannerYes
MaxCafe10MbFTP, Editor?No
PeopleCity5MbFTP, Editor?No
ROTFL Online Services2MbBrowser, Editor?No
SpreeunlimitedBrowser, Editor?No
The Globe6MbBrowser, Editor?No
The Icestorm Network3MbBrowser, EditorNoneYes
Tripod11MbFTP, Editor?No
UserWorld3MbBrowser, Editor?No
Xoom11MbFTP, EditorLinkNo


Okay, so you found a place to build your home on the web. Now what? Well, get out your "blueprint" we talked about earlier. What stage of the plan are you at and where do you want to go from there? Does the site you chose offer any help? Are the instructions hard to understand? Do you want to do something with your page that the site offers no help or info on?

Well, here we have a list of Netaholic Anonymous members who have most graciously offer to help you find the answers you need to get "moved into" your site. These members have their site listed on the Member's Web Sites page here at Netaholics Anonymous, so you can go there and check out their pages for ideas and decide who can best help you to accomplish your task.

In addition to the Netanon Members, you will also find some links to various sites around the web that you can find help. Also listed are some books which can be purchased at your local book store.

Good Luck on your site and once you have it posted to the web, don't forget to send us the URL so we can list it on our Member's Web Site page along with the others. :)

Netanon MemberMember's Web Site
AyzhaAyzha's Attic
ZonkerDave's Cave
ScubajunkyScubajunky's Page
PandoraPandora's Box
Lady ShaniaTeam Steamy Homepage
Silk_n_SassySassy's Home on the Web (help within angelfire ONLY)
Fat BobMatt's RPG Universe

Here we have sites where you can locate other resources to help you with your project. Just follow the instructions with each link. If you cannot locate what you are looking for or don't know the terminology or "puterese" of what you want to accomplish on your site, then E-Mail us with an explaination of what you want. We will make every effort to assist you in your quest.


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