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Welcome to the links of all my different pages!! 

Here you will  find links to different things around Lynn, Massachusetts.

So pull up a seat and get your mouse ready and start clicking away!

New Classical High School
Old Classical High School
Lynn English High School
Goldfish Pond
The Commons
Lower Boston Street
The Atlantic Ocean
High Rock Tower
Lynn Public Libraries
Boy's Club on North Common Street
Lynn Reservoir-Parkland Avenue View
Lynn Technical and Vocational Institute
St. Mary's High School
Hurricane Floyd September 16, 1999
The Poor Farm / Lynn City Home  Built 1895
Shoemaker Rock  at least I hope it is :)
On A Clear Day
Tom Sardella's Vacation in Lynn
Michael's Winning Essay
The Big--The Bad--The Beautiful
Watering Holes of Past and Present Lynn
The Norleco Building / Clock Tower on the Lynnway
The Stone House
Old Shoe School/Lynn's 1st High School
School Listings for Lynn
Read the Column by Joe Mancuso which is written for the
Lynn City Times
Last Updated on December 29, 2000
Here Are Some Other Links About Lynn, Massachusetts
Thanks go to Richard Lord for providing these links
Did you know that there was once a Lighthouse built on Egg Rock??
Did you know that Lynn is in the Smithsonian Institution??
What is the history behind Marshmallow Fluff??
Have you seen the page for the Lynn Fire Department??
When was the last time you were at Lynn Woods??
Do you want to see what the weather is like in Lynn??
Want to see some information on the public library??
Want to see the New England News??
Want to know more about the history of Lynn??
Want to see a former Lynner's page??
Have you ever had lunch at The Good Luck Farms??
Want to Find out more about "Hoodsies"
Do You Know what a Moxie is??
Some of My Favorite Stops on the Web
Boston Red Sox Main Page
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