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Bad Bunny - 12/03/00 07:19:37
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Nizzawebsite. Dank für das Lassen ich Ihr guestbook unterzeichnen

Nancy Campbell - 11/27/00 13:36:08
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Hi: I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been so responsive to the emergency financial situation that Greyhound Pets of America is in. We had our annual holiday parade march on Sunday in Middleboro. There were 15 to 20 beautiful greyhoun s (all well behaved). The comments from people along the parade route were very positive and indicated that people were very impressed with these animals - especially the ones that kept drifting over to the side to personally say hello to those watching. Please call Millie Merritt at (617) 472-4055 to obtain some raffle tickets to help raise money to keep this organization going and save more dogs. Thank you - Nancy Campbell

Nancy Campbell - 11/18/00 18:09:11
My Email:moecampbel@aol.com

For those who do not receive the Newsletter of Greyhound Pets of America, I would like to appeal to you to help GPA. This wonderful organization lost a large annual contribution when Doris Duke (their benefactor)died. As most of their income comes from heir adoption fees, the winter months are very slow. GPA currently has only emough month to continue for 4 more months. If you have ever enjoyed one moment of happiness with your wonderful greyhound, please help by sending your contributions to either: Millie Merritt, GPA, Mass. Inc., 750 Willard St. Quincy, MA. 02169 or Greyhound Pets of America - MA P.O. Box 1495 Middleboro, MA. 02346 GPA will once again be marching in the annual Middleboro Christmas Parade on Saturday, November 25th (step-off time 1:00 PM). This is a terrific way to advertise the value of greyhounds as pets. Hopefully, the exposure will result in increased adoptions (thus income) during the winter months. Please help by meeting us at 12:30 in front of the Burkland/Mayflower Schools on Mayflower Ave. Park behind the schools - enter off Rte 28 where it says "busses only". GPA also needs someone with grant writing experience to help find funding, an experienced chain link fence installer to donate and/or install new posts and bottom rails to the turn-out pen fences, blankets, bleach, laundry detergent, 13 gallon plastic bag and any kind of dog food. Please call Kathy at 508-947-3654 if you can provide assistance. The 2001 Greyhounds calendar is now for sale for $12(another way to raise money) Please call Millie at 617-472-4055 The newsletter emphasized that this is an EMERGENCY. Please help to keep this organization going so these wonderful dogs can continue to be rescued and find loving families. Thank you - Nancy Campbell

Tanya - 11/08/00 00:25:58
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I HOPE you ALL voted YES on Number 3!

Debi O'Brien - 11/04/00 22:49:07
My Email:ob_four@yahoo.com

We adopted an ex-racer two weeks ago today and the whole family is in love. Phil Doggyhue came to us after an unbaribly long wait and was very much worth the wait. He is 4 years well loves my 6 and 3 year old boys and has captured the heart of my husban who was not sure about this whole thing and now is the biggest Phil lover of us all! We have had not one problem with adapting to Phil or him to us this is the perfect dog for out family and I am ready to start helping others welcome a greyt pet into th ir lives!

STACY - 11/04/00 15:04:38

I hope that everyone is going to vote yes on three so that this ridicously abuse of these poor animals can stop. please educate your friends about these things and other abuses to animals.some poeple are just very nieve and don't know these things are goi g on around them. even if you don't like either of the presidential choices, like me, go to vote on ballot question three at least. thanks!! stacy

Joyce Walters - 10/15/00 04:36:25
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We adopted a sweet black female from Greyhound Pets of America in Daytona Beach FL 5 yrs ago. She is a wonderful pet and has adapted to 3 children, an old fuddy duddy cat and is currently taming an adopted abandoned baseball field puppy. She is a sweeth art and would have ten more like her (one at a time!) She is now 7 years old and very much loved. She adds alot to our family. Here is to DeeDee (formerly China Delight)..............!!!!

lauren - 09/15/00 21:04:12
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I enjoyed your website! I will adopt a greyhound soon.I had to put my white/brindle greyhound "Dakota" to sleep because he had heart trouble. Then I adopted another greyhound and found out that he had the same problem as "D" so I returned him. But i will et another one. That's 4 sure!!! Bye!

The Craig Family - 08/15/00 00:01:10
My Email:jdcraig@mediaone.net

Hi Kathy, We adopted Wally - "Bad's Walter" from you over 4 years ago. He is still the most lovable couch potato you could ever meet! Everyone who meets him falls in love! Please update our address to: Jack and Debbie Craig 33 Woodcrest Drive Attleboro, MA 02703 Keep up your wonderful work!

Darvi Rosenberg - 07/11/00 14:14:06
My Email:Darvij@aol.com

I had to put my last grey to sleep on January 2, 2000. Presently I am in the process of moving but would be interested in about 3-4 weeks in adopting an older dog. Except for my first grey that was right off the track I have shared my life with five other that ranged from 8-11 years old at the time I took them in. Please e mail me with some specifics as to some of your older dogs. They would be sharing a home with a 20 year old beagle. Thank you Darvi J Rosenberg

MaryAnn T.Rooney - 06/19/00 15:30:43

My isiter and I adopted CLEO from you,about 4 years ago.My sister has since died(Margaret Hague) and I have moved to N.Attleborough,Ma. Please correct my address from 8 Simmons St.,Assonet,Ma to:MaryAnn T.Rooney ,* Greenwood Dr,N,Attleborough,Ma.02760 . I would like to continue receiving your newsletter.Thank you.Cleo brought much joy and love to Margaret before she died.God bless!

Joyceline - 05/11/00 22:33:42
My Email:Dolphin1st@aol.com

Hello! My name is Joyceline, I lived in Boston, MA. I love animals <> and would love to volunteer for GPA. I wonder if you can e-mail me more information about GPA. <> Thanks! =)

Teri Dalco - 04/30/00 13:09:08
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Finally found you! I am in process and have my application mailed in, but I'd love to see as many dogs as possible on the website, so that when I see one that special pooch, i'll know to get on the stick. Also the best way to have other fall in love is t have them be seen!

Nancy Campbell - 04/29/00 12:20:16
My Email:Moecampbel@aol.com

Hi Kathy: Just discovered your web site. Loved the pictures of the parade. Naturally our EMail address is "MOE"campbel.......... Dropped off some more sheets etc last week. Nancy

Kevin Farrell - 04/20/00 13:19:16
My Email:farrell1@massed.net

Thanks for the Greyhound. Sylvia has fit into our family really well. I would be willing to help in some ways to promote the adoption of greyhounds and or volunteer my time for different events. thanks again Kevin

Christine L. Perkins - 04/14/00 02:11:47
My Email:christinelperkins@juno.com

I love the website! It is a "greyt" idea! I hope you are able to keep the photos current, and put on as many as possible! As you may know, I love my adoptee from GPA. He is the best pet imaginable!

Bill Bankert - 03/28/00 10:50:48
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A great web site. Keep up the good work.

Tom Orton - 03/20/00 16:12:07
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Greyt site...greyt improvements..if I didn't already have 2 greyhounds and 3 other dogs, I'd be signing up for another hound for sure!!!!!!!!

Diane Dockery - 01/20/00 19:48:03
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Hello, I recently adopted 2 brothers,4 yrs old, they were both 1 month retired from Wonderland at the time we adopted them off the track. I would love to get info on any meet and greets. They are very sweet, wonderful with our two kids (5 yrs and 6 yrs old) an the couple of encounters with small dogs seemed to go o.k., just a lot of curiosity. I think they would enjoy something like a meet and greet. Thank you and have a nice day.

kim playfair - 10/30/99 21:59:11
My Email:mikelund@gisco.net

my husband and i have an adopted greyhound and would consider adopting another in the near future. what age dog would get along with my sweet 6 year old male who gets along with anyone but has been an only dog for 3 1/2 years?we plan on having a baby in -2 years. i loved your website and enjoyed the music. thanks

Geralynn Sullivan - 09/07/99 19:48:18
My Email:rriverrags@yahoo.com

We adopted Heidi one year ago from the GPA. She's the sweetest dog we have ever had. And we can't even take her for a walk without people stopping us to tell us how pretty she is. Everyday I walk her up to greet my son (and all the other kids in the nei hborhood!) as they get off the school bus after school. The kids love her, and she loves all the attention she gets from the kids, too. She's just the best!

ILENNE - 08/24/99 23:46:27
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Candace Fisher - 07/27/99 13:14:45
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Great job!

Alice - 06/25/99 04:50:40
My Email:Leberk@dtgnet.com

Your pictures are great. If I could have another dog now, I would pick Keno. I really like the music....good job.

Donna Macray - 05/26/99 19:17:51
My Email:dsm74@juno.com

Keep up the good work of placing these very deserving dogs. They have every right to spend the rest of their lives in a loving home. Pls. correct area code for Middleboro, MA on opening page.

chris gibbs - 05/21/99 19:36:10
My Email:cmg11749@aol.com

i love this website. i was trying to forward to 2 friends, but haven't figured how to do it yet. looking at the pictures is great.

Jarrod DeVincent - 04/30/99 22:12:35
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I think greyhounds are good pets but should be cared for better than they do, and shouldn't be forced to race, because when they are poorly treated they start not to like being around humans and start thinking we are enemies. Being poorly treated sometime makes it hard for people who want to adopt greyhounds because of the things they can and cannot be around. So these kinds of organizations give the greyhounds a new and better life than they had. Jarrod DeVincent

sally - 03/21/99 20:52:22
My Email:frans@massed.net

Would like to see all dogs available not just "special". Website very difficult to locate with the address not having GPA, greyhound, or MA in it!

HELEN FINLAY - 03/17/99 14:27:33
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I adopted Cleo 10 months ago. she is beautiful, loving, caring and affectionate dog.she gets along well with my 3 cats. she is so friendly that everyone in the town comes up and pats her, she loves the affection. she loves to go for car rides I'm so happy that I decided to adopt her, she has made me a very happy person.

Cheryl Holmes - 03/05/99 21:28:23
My Email:logholmes@aol.com

I just found your site! I adopted a 10 year old rindle greyhound 6 months ago and we just love him! His name is Jet and he gets along great with my kids and my cats. Good luck with your endeavors. I'd love to see your catalog. My home address is: 14 arlene Drive, Bridgewater, MA 02324. Thanks.

Harriet - 02/09/99 02:17:38
My Email:Hatsgry@aol.com

Great site...Keep up the good work.

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