Ron Myhre's R/C Planes

Ron Myhre's Radio Controlled Planes

This page is devoted to my great hobby of flying radio controlled planes. I got started in this hobby by a good friend of mine in 2006. It is now two years later and I now have several planes that I fly.

This is Bob to my right and Kevin to my left. This was taken at the Sioux Falls electric fun fly where we flew electric helicopters. It was a lot of fun.

Here is the LT-40. This is a trainer plane that you can get in a ARF "Almost ready to fly" or as a kit. Most people that are new to the hobby have an ARF for their first plane. This is the plane I learned to fly. It is a nice trainer, slow to fly and very forgiving.

This is my flight instructor.

This is a photo of a plane I bought at Marshall, MN. mall show in the spring of 2007. It is a three channel plane. The fellow who had if for sale wanted five dollars for it, but I offered him $3 and I got it. I now have a 25 motor for it. Hope to get this in the air soon.
NOTE: It now has been over a year and the plane is still sitting on my bench. I have everthing to get it in the air but just have not had made time to put it all togeather. Maybe someday it will fly.

This is a plane that a good friend of my Dad gave me. He was in R/C for a long time but as he got older he got out of the hobby. He was a big help in getting me into the hobby as he gave me some of his old equipment. This plane however had a accident this late summer when I had a hard landing, it broke the motor mount and some of the structure in the front of the plane. It is not as bad as it sounds though, it will be flying again this next summer. The canopy is missing in this picture as I forgot to bring it along with me when I went out to the field. It still flew great with out it.

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