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Welcome to Indianapolis! My name is Jenny, aka Ferdinski and I live here with my husband and 2 of our 3 kids. They are all boys, small, medium and large.

It's tough making a page with webtv, but I'll keep trying to change this as I learn more. I have "hidden" some more links in the text, so I hope you don't get sidetracked!

I now work for the public school system here after 17 years as a stay-home mom. I work with elementary school special-ed kids, and I really enjoy it. It's super stressful at times, but never boring! Tim is my husband, and a very talented musician. He has played (guitar) in several different bands over the years, each with a different style of music including rock, oldies, country, bluegrass and his current favorite, originals. He has toured and assisted on a couple of albums, and is one of those people who can pick up any instrument and play it. His favorite project right now is The Gadgetorium ,a studio he has helped build. It's a fun place to play! Tim is also attempting to build his own website, so other than a poster page, (above) I haven't made a separate page for him!

Our kids are 7,17 and 23 years old. Tony, the oldest, is grown, married and gone. Kevin is 17 years old, and an aspiring drummer. Know where I can buy earplugs in bulk? Tyler is 7, and finished first grade this year.

Some of the interests and hobbies of this family,(though not necessarily shared by all) include crafts, do-it-yourself projects, gardening, fishing, hunting,flea markets & yard sales, travelling, reading, making and listening to music, camping and in general, all things creative. We are not a real structured family, just the opposite.

Our home is messy most of the time because we USE it! Kinda like base camp for indulging our main interests, and just being....Of course, we do have to break out the shovels, mops & push brooms once in a while, but you might have noticed that interior decorating was NOT listed as an interest...?

Thanks for flying by! Come back again!

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