In Memory of Becky Lynn Gibson

August 23,l962--October16,l997

Daughter, Sister, Aunt

This page is my tribute to Becky. She was my sister in law on earth, and is now one of my guardian angels in heaven.
Becky was 35 years old when she died, and during her short life, she suffered from heart problems, scoliosis, mental illness, and many physical illnesses, accidents and surgeries. Scoliosis eventually caused her untimely death.
Though Becky had many burdens in her lifetime, she preferred to count, as well as share, her blessings. She seldom saw any situation that she couldn't find humor in. She loved everyone, but had a specially affinity for children and those she felt were down and out. Though she owned very few worldly possessions, she was positive that her mansion was waiting for her above. She lives there, now, and is sadly missed here on earth.

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Mental Illness