Tony is my step son, the only child of Tim's previous marriage. Tony came to live with his dad right after we met, so he went on a lot of dates with us. We married in 1981, when Tony was 4 years old, and he lived with us until he was just shy of his 13th birthday. During those years, Tony sang in the Christ Church Cathedral choir of men and boys, located on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis.

We kept a grueling schedule for the three years that he was with the choir, but it was all worth it! The choir made an album during those years, and toured Europe for three weeks, singing in England, France and Germany.

Though he had to resign when he gained a manly voice, his voice has remained a very beautiful one, probably because of the intensive training combined with his natural talent.The first song his dad taught him to sing when he was 3 years old was Puff the Magic Dragon, accompanied by dad on the guitar...

Unfortunately, after Tony moved to his mother's home, he was immersed in all the usual teenager's occupations, and we were rarely able to connect with him. At age 18, he got his own apartment, and at 19, he married. His wife's name is Michelle, and they will celebrate their 3rd anniversary in December'98.