Hi! I'm Tyler!

Hi, I'm glad you stopped at my page! I'm Tyler, the youngest in the family. I started kindergarten this Fall, and I LOVE it! My favorite T.V. shows are mostly on PBS, can you tell?

I try to be a good boy, even though I do have a terrible temper! I am getting a grip on it though! I like to play with toy cars, ride my bike, and most of all, I like to go to festivals and fairs! Check out the songs and fun places below! I love music, so there is some of that, too! Have a good time!

This is a picture of me in my Christmas play, l997

Fun Songs And Links
Circus MusicPlay Hide & SeekLion King Karaoke
Learning About Our BodiesTake Me Out To The BallgameFind PBS Kids Sites

Purple Fuzzy Game