"Born Again Biker"

He would have ridden a Harley! He was alot like you and me. The government didn't like him. The church thought he was weird. His friends were few. What friends he had, denied him. He was persecuted by hypocrites. He hung around people like you and me, not the false religious people. YES, if Jesus were on this earth in the flesh he would be next to you on his Harley telling you he loved you and loved you enough to DIE for you!

Hi! My name is Frannie. My biker name was Fancy. This is my story. It is a story of brokeness and healing. It is a story about darkness and light. Its a story of incredible mercy and rescue.

I know many are going to find this hard to believe(for those who know me) but I am a recovered drug addict, biker chick and dancer! I am a women who sought for love and acceptance in any avenue allowed me.

As a young girl I was abused by a father who did not know the meaning of Love. I was beat and scarred many times in my young life. Some of my memories include being in my bedroom with only a bucket and a roll of toilet paper to accompany me while there. I was constantly punished and beat. So many bad memories. So many wounds. A heart torn between wanting to love and wanting to be loved. But also, a heart full of hate.
When I was allowed to leave my home for school, or whatever, I was constantly looking for the Love that was not available to me at this time.
I found one of the hardest groups and most accepting (if you are one of their own) of people I could find. Ironically it was my own dad who lead me on the road I decided to take. He used to ride with a motorcycle club on his Harley on most weekends. In order to spend any time with him at all I would beg to go with him and sometimes he would concede. This is how I became involved in the world of bikers. But, these were weekend bikers only. I had found a group of bikers who lived everyday the way my dads club lived on the weekends!
Most of the bikers would be more than willing to take me to biker parties and biker events. (I have pictures of myself in Easy Rider Magazine during a Weekend Hill Climbing event) This lead me on a course of destruction. Don't get me wrong, the bikers I hung out with were very accepting of myself and they would kill for there own, And that is what I sought..unconditional acceptance and Love. What I thought was love was actually self-abuse as I lended myself to the pleasures of these bikers. If one would get tired of me then another would be glad to pick up where the other left off and I would willingly oblige. There were times of drugs and drug abuse so dark that to this day I cannot remember what happened during these times.
I eventually became a stripper/dancer in order to provide for my biker boyfriends habits and my drug abuse. Cocaine and Qualudes were my drugs of choice. One to pick me up one to get me down enough to sleep.
This is how I lived for the next 6 years after my father had kicked me out of my home at 16 years old. I went to the streets, but another biker friend (a Hells Angel) became my place of refuge.
I survived gang wars and gun fights. We would do drive-bys in order to see if there were rival gang members on the street in order to shoot at them. This was a way of life. If we were in an area where another gang lived, we would drop in, then a huge fight would breakout. If you were left standing you were lucky. But now I realize it wasn't luck, It was the Mercy of Jesus watching over me.
I was involved in two Motorcycle accidents-- One had me sliding across a highway on my butt with no helmet on and another was an incident where the driver was drunk and he dropped me and the bike in the middle of a highway! Again without a helmet and I was unharmed!! That is not coincidence, It had to be the Grace of God!
Most of the time the world didn't even want to look at us or be around us. We didn't care because we knew we had each other. We dared anyone to challenge that!

In this expanse of time My father asked if he could visit with me. He was dying with cancer. I told my mother on the phone that I would spit on his grave and laugh at him in hell first! Little did I know that there truly was a hell. I did NOT go to visit him.

During this period, I hooked up with a pretty decent biker guy named Stan who rode with an American Motorcycle Association club and we became close.I became pregnant. I considered abortion and truly did not want to give up my interveinious drug usage at the time. But I choose to keep my child and I went cold turkey with out my drugs for a time.
Eventually Stan and I got married. My dad tried again to see me and now he had a grandson so This time I conceded and went to visit him. I must say I did NOT want to see him or forgive him! I only wanted to go get it over with.
Time passed and I began having terrible nightmares and I almost overdosed twice on cocaine. Also, I was beginning to experience terrible symptoms in my body even when not using drugs! I was having the beginnings of a disorder called "Panic attacks". I didn't know what was happening but I knew it was probably from years of drug abuse and hatred built up in my heart towards the world and my dad. I sought every medical help available to me but to no avail! I suffered two long years with Panic attacks.
During one of these episodes I was walking towards my neighbors door, and she invited me in, she could tell I was distressed, She asked me if she could pray for me. I looked at her as if she were crasy! How could anyone pray for me? The way I lived was not deserving of prayer. But she told me that Jesus came to seek and save people who were broken and had heartaches! The prayer did seem to help,& she invited me to her small country church the next day. I thought to myself If there is a God maybe he would have mercy on me. I did go home that evening and do more drugs but the next morning there I was at her door!
We rode to her church and I sat on the back pew with my biker garb on and listened to this Black haired, Black bearded man, who even looked like Jesus (to me) begin to tell my life story all the while looking at me with eyes of love! I could not believe the love I could see in him. I heard words that only Jesus could have known about me. He said "For many years you have sought love and acceptance, For many years you longed to hear your father say" I Love you" for many years you have searched in the wrong places for a lap to sit upon and a shoulder to cry on!"
This man was from Georgia. How could he know me and my past life and my desire for acceptance? He was asked to visit this church...How could he know me and my life? He continued to speak of my desires for unconditional love and how I longed to have a Father who would say to me "Daughther I am proud of you" He began to explain that there is a heavenly father who desires to do that for me and more. He (Jesus) desires to heal the broken places and broken bodies and the broken hearts. No matter how far in the gutter I had been it didnt matter to him because he came to heal broken people. The next thing I knew I was at the altar crying my tears of sorrow and asking him (Jesus) to heal me and be the father I never had!

After I had finished crying and praying I looked up and there were my neighbor and her mom crying tears of joy next to me. I felt a hand grab mine and eyes of Love and compassion look on me and tell me how I am valued and Loved even though I made many bad choices in my life. I saw the very eyes of Jesus in this man! I felt the very hands of Jesus holding my hands. I never wanted to let go! To this day I haven't. I have held on tightly to the very hands of Jesus himself.
He has been my constant friend and he has led me through the wilderness of sickness due to sin in my life. Now I am completely healed of Panic attack disorder! I have also reconciled with my father who I forgave for all the abuse giving to me as a child. It is only thru the grace of God that I was able to do this. He is also free from the cancer that was in his body.
This was 15 years ago. I have never looked back at my life without being amazed at the Grace and mercy of God in my life. When I Think of all the times I could have died, When I think of all the places where darkness prevailed and I survived, I can only allow the Love that I feel for Jesus to well up in my healed heart and overflow with thankfulness to him! You see my story is now of Healing and Joy and Love instead of brokeness and mourning and sorrows. My life is a recent, living Mary Magdeline Story. I have been forgiven much so I am able to Love him much! My life was one of violence which only multiplyed violence and it added deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars! But now, I have moved out of the darkness into Glorious Light! His Glorious light!
I do not want you to leave without an opportunity to meet the man Jesus...We come in this world physically alive but spiritually dead but God sent Jesus to come into this world to rescue and heal us from the devastating effects of our own sin. Jesus died in our place as a offering to pay the price of that sin, He paid for the least and the worst of our sin! Noone is saved by trying to be good! We have to trust in Jesus for that. What is very important is that we believe God enough to say, " God I know I have sinned. I have abused myself and sinned against you. I now believe that Jesus is your son and he died in my place for that sin. He rose from the dead to prove it! Now I accept your unconditional love and your offer of eternal life. I accept Jesus as your gift to me for my salvation"!
Please if this is an honest expression of your heart to Jesus then feel free to write me and I will help you in anyway I can. I love people and I Love to help people who are hurting, who have been were I have been and need some help to escape from it. Please email me at Fran@iceweb.net and I will get back with you as soon as I can to help you on your way to a different and better road of life!!!!!

Riding that Harley to Heaven!

I would like to share a few of my spiritual experiences with you also. As I began to get closer to the Lord, I began to have different and wonderful dreams. Spiritual dreams the Lord wanted to share with me so that I could grow in his spiritual truths. If you would like to read about some of my dreams then just click this link and you shall arrive!
Introduction to my dreams

This picture was made by my very good friend and sister in the Lord! Her name is Char and she gave this picture to me as a gift because she knows how much I love that scripture and how it helped me in my early walk with my Lord. Thank you Char, I love you!

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