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Holding Chille
This site is dedicated to our son. His family and relatives called him Cammy or Cammy Boy. His friends justCammyboy called him "Cam." He is the son of Cameron Deal Jr. and Michele Deal, father of Ke'ili Nicole Deal, brother of Christopher and Lesleyanne Deal, and uncle of Micah Mynatt and Trevor Deal. This site was created so we could share the many facets of our son who was a handsome, loving, and vibrant person.  
I was fortunate to have a very close relationship with him and he shared much of his personal feelings with me. He never did anything half heartedly. When he worked he worked with  a passion. When he played he played with a passion. Friends who were involved with his practical jokes especially knew this. And when he loved he loved passionately.  If he considered you his friend, he shared in your joy, and cried in your pain. The great love of his life was his daughter, Ke'ili. He would spend hours talking about her. Though she lived in California with her mother, Liz, he spent every moment he could with her. Ke'ili was only 4 1/2 when he passed away.  

I so miss his smile; the way he would scrunch his face and throw his head back when he laughed. I love how he leaned into you when you had something to share with him. He had a way of making you feel that what you had to say was important to him. I hope you enjoy this website as much as I have enjoyed creating it.  It has been great therapy for me in dealing with my grief. Another site I would like to recommend is  I am the current chapter leader for the local (Honolulu) chapter. It is a group that meets once a month to help families through their grief and to honor our children who have gone too soon.