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Hey.... thanks for stopping by..I hope I don't bore everyone too much. Alright...since alot of people seem to get it mixed up...this is MY page! *L* Not mine and Dylan's! I'm a bit greedy...I want my own page all to myself! I guess that is because I already share everything else! *LOL* I guess I should start with some information about myself (yes I know boring... but hey I gotta fill the page up with something, even though that book I read said you're not supposed to..*L*). Ok.. here goes! My name is Kelly McGuire, formally Price, I'm 26 years old, was born in a small town called Caney, Kansas, lived there until Feb. of 98 and then moved to Kansas City. I am married to a wonderful man named Dylan. We have FIVE wonderful kids..... okay I'll admit it...they aren't really children.... they are pug dogs.. BUT they way the act and the way that they are treated one could honestly say that they are my kids! (Besides they have a striking resemblence to their father! *LOL*) I have two older brothers named Sean and Shane. I have 2 neices, Shaylee and Daphne, and two nephews Sean and Tyson. I also have the coolest brother in law that there is... his name is Joe and we have tons in common! I also have a wonderful 'sister' Sonja. She isn't really a blood relative but she couldn't be any more my sister if she were. My hobbies are playing with my husband, and my kids, listening to music, and reading AND PUG CHAT!

I currently spend alot of time on the puter.. surfing and chatting. Some of my favorite places to go are the pug sites, Ozzy sites and chats.

I am an avid fan of Ozzy's... I have collected an assortment of goodies of his. My brother in law Joe is also a huge Ozzy fan!! But my husband is more of a fan of rap, although I am slowly converting him, or trying to anyway! For me Ozzy is the greatest singer that I have ever heard. He seems to reach a part of me that no other band or singer ever has. Everyone has their opinion on who is the best...and he is mine. If you don't agree then that's fine...just don't hassle me about it. I respect everyone's opinion even if I don't agree with it. Well I respect it until they become nasty or vulgar about it. Anyway...on to happier things... I have seen Ozzy in concert three times. Once during his Ozzmosis tour, where I must say he was brilliant! And then again during Ozzfest 98 . My husband and I were in the rain almost all day, but it did quit raining eventually, and it was worth every second! I cried during his first three songs. Then again at Ozzfest 99. He was absolutely amazing. I have finally got to put up a tribute page to Ozzy, if you have time and it interests you please stop by!

I also collect pug stuff... I just can't seem to get enough of those beautiful faces! I feel a bit sorry for my husband... he has to foot the bill for my little finds. But he is a good sport about it!

I know that I have alot of pictures of my family and such... but hey I'm not above bragging and showing my family off...I'm very proud of them! *G* Besides...what good would it do for me to have a web page if I can't put what I want on it? So if you want to have a look at some of my pictures please do... if not, then don't! *L*

The Girls
The Kids
Puglife Baby Puglife!


Another Picture of our kids...


A picture of Me and Dylan.

Joe & Dylan

And you thought Damien was an evil child!

That's my man!

My husband and father-in-law

Gosh Dylan can give hateful looks sometimes!

When you got it you got it!

My nephew Sean

Here's my niece Shaylee!

My Brother In-law Joe


Visit my Ozzy page!