Ellen's Scrapbook

When I was a kid, I loved to put together scrapbooks, especially when I had been on a trip and brought back small items from the trip -- ticket stubs, menus, napkins, etc. My father has beautiful scrapbooks from his mother and aunts, filled with pictures, postcards, and poems that they liked and were important to them.

My mother recently gave me a collection of stories about her parents' lives. Some were stories my grandma told me when I was little, others I had never heard. I wanted some place I could put them where they could be shared with my children. The web seemed to be the perfect place. So welcome to my scrapbook! It will be an eclectic collection designed to please me.

Ellen & Grandma, 1959 Ellen at Williamsburg, 1967 Michael & Ellen at the Grand Canyon, 1977


Items of interest to me:

Pictures of our new house during building, the hurricanes, and at Christmas, 2004

Our trip to Colorado 1998

What I did on my Spring Break 2003 Another trip to Colorado

Family History



Making things

Links to interesting sites

Photo Album

Pictures from the Alafia River, August, 2005