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The above picture was taken in 1924 on my Grandparents weddding day in London, Ontario Canada.

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My O'Meara Family

I actually have what I believe to be two seperate branches of O'Meara's in my family tree.

Branch #1 originated I believe in Dunkerrin, Offaly, Ireland and later immigrating across the border into Tipperary, Ireland. The earliest known acestors being John O'Meara and Bridget Harty. Surnames associated with Branch #1 are: MORKIN; TOOHEY; COLLISON; DONOHUE/DONAHUE.

Branch #2 originated probably in Tipperary, Ireland as one son born in 1832 was born in Rapla, Nenagh, Tipperary Ireland. The earliest known ancestors were Patrick O'Meara and Catherine Howe. I have had extreme difficulty finding documented proof on this family and the potential siblings. Patrick O'Meara and Catherine Howe had 9 children, of which I can only prove 2 belong to them. Surnames associated with Branch #2 are: LOUGHNANE; PELLOW; CONROY; O'BRIEN; CARRY/CAREY. I have hunches, but no documented proof on the other 7 potential children to Patrick O'Meara and Catherine Howe. Therefore, I can only say that these are other potential surnames associated with this branch: QUIRK; DARCY/DARCEY/DORCEY; CRUMMER; RYAN; CARROLL; HOGAN.

Both branches state they came from Tipperary, Ireland around 1847 and migrated their way to London, Middlesex County, Ontario Canada. Some members of the family were also in Lucan and Biddulph. Over time, some of the family remained in the area, and by 1900 many had moved onto other parts of Canada and the USA.

My Grandparents left London, Ontario Canada the same day they were married in 1924 and went directly to Detroit, Michigan. Here my family has remained in the Metro Detroit area and continue to grow into quite a large family.

Due to my family background, I have been compiling information on O'Meara's/O'Mara's from Canada and some in the USA. You will find links to some of that information listed below. Good Luck and check back often for new information! If you have information you would like to contribute to my website, please contact me and I will publish it, or link to it, on my site with the appropriate credit given.

Canadian O'Meara Resources

Canadian CD# 204 for O'Meara's Entries include all various spellings for the O'Meara name.

Canadian CD# 118 for O'Meara's Entries include all various spellings for the O'Meara name.

O'Meara entries for the 1901 Census Of Ontario Entries I have put together from the 1901 Census for Ontario. However, this does not cover all O'Meara's in Ontario.

Phil Bateman's Home Page This link will take you to a page where Phil has compiled some information regarding the history of John Mara of Canada.

Ireland O'Meara Resources

Griffiths Valuation Index Information On The O'Meara/O'Mara/Mara Surname That Was Pulled From The Index of Griffiths Valuation for Ireland.

General O'Meara Resources

The O'Meara Mailing List The list includes all various spellings of the O'Meara name. The list was establised to share information with other O'Meara researchers, as well as to discuss general information on the O'Meara heritage.

O'Meara Genforum Message List to read and post messages on your O'Meara family history. O'Meara name.

Australian O'Meara Resources

Some O'Meara/O'Mara's from Australia Information courtesy of Margaret O'Callaghan that was pulled from the VicGold Database in Australia.

My Other Family Trees from Middlesex County, Ontario Canada

My MCLELLAN Family - Originally from Argyll, Scotland this large family immigrated to Lobo, Middlesex County, Ontario Canada. Names inlcuded in this tree are: LONG, LEVIE, CRAWFORD, MCKENZIE, HARRIS and FERGUSON.

My LONG Family - Originated in East Yorkshire, England and migrated to London Township, Middlesex County, Ontario Canada. Some names included in this tree are SELLS, MCLELLAN, GRAY, SHERBROOK, SMITH, and CRERAR.

My CRAWFORD Family - Originated in Argyll, Scotland and immigrated to East William Township, Middlesex, Ontario Canada. Surnmes associated with this tree are:

My MCLEAN Family - Originated in Argyll, Scotland and immigrated to Caradoc, Middlesex, Ontario Canada.

My Maternal Family Tree (Germany/Hungary/Austria to USA)