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HI~~AND WELCOME to anyone pausing here! Instead of regaling you with a biography of who I am......please take some time to follow the links below. They will tell you more about me than anything I could say !!

Dedicated to my daughters and granddaughter, Robin, who are all being very helpful,countering my many mishaps along the way as I try to remember all this button business!LOL

Please be patient,as some of my pages do take a bit of time to load........

A LINK to Faith

A LINK to Opera Bits

A LINK to Tiny Cyber Tales

A LINK to Castles N' Stuff

A LINK to Photos

A LINK to The Bronx Page

A LINK to Kaitlyn Kiri's Page

A LINK to Nature's Quest

Many thanks to Clipart Castle,LadyOh Graphics,Draacs, and NiteWhisper for various graphics.....also my appreciation to Kaitlyn Kiri and Linda (my daughters) for their art work and endless help!

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