("Dedicated to the American Indian People")
 Especially my people
"The Cherokee"
(Aniyvwiwa or Tsalagi)

 " My spirit brother the wolf "

  Both of who's Perseverance and Wisdom have shown me that Adversity and Hardships Can Be Overcome !
"Most of all to my Father"
God or The Creator if you prefer, for never giving up
on a prodigal son such as myself . For that,
"Wado" , Thank-you
 " Ga li e li ga ", I am grateful !

Wherever my people rest
tired bodies at night,
Dreaming of ancient homelands unknown.
Wherever my Spirit Brother
Waya roams, hunts, and resides,
There also will my Spirit abide!

  "Please help save our children, they are our future"

 " Walk the Beauty Path"






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