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This page contains information genealogy information, Family History, on Jones, DeLoach as well as Ashley, Atwood, Bigbee, Clower, Cherry, Coleman, Collins, Craft, Fletcher, Fort, Gray, Griffith, Howell, Johnson, Humphreys, Rasberry, Ruffin, Utz, and Wall. A number of the link files are quite extensive. However, for the Jones line, my research extends back only four generations: John Howell Jones, Solmon Howard Jones, John Andrew Jones, and King S. Jones. I have spent time in the Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee State Archives. The Family History Library in Salt Lake City has been a tremendous source of information.

I was born and grew up in a small community in Mississippi. I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi. After college, I served two years in the Army as a Lieutenant, with one year in Vietnam. I became interested in my family history several years ago. Currently, I reside in California.

This country's early pioneers found a wilderness where many lost their lives in transforming a wilderness into a country. Of the 1800 settlers, who came to Virginia between 1607 and 1618, 1100 had died and 100 had returned to England by December 1618.

My ancestors came searching for a better life, many escaping religious persecution. They arrived in the Colonies as early as 1608 in Jamestown -- one year after the first boat of settlers landed in Jamestown. They arrived primarily in Virginia and later migrated to North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and throughout the Country. Some fought for the independence of this Country in the Revolutionary War; later many fought for the independence of Confederate States of America. Frank Howell's, an ancestor, entry into his family Bible on his brothef's death best describes their reasons for fighting, "He belonged to C.S.A. died for liberty". Some accumulated wealth, but most were poor.

I have walked some of the battlefields including Gettysburg and Manassas. I visited numerous cemeteries gathering information and in remembrance. The cemeteries include Finn's Point National Military Cemetery, New Jersey, where John Howell was buried after dying as a prisoner of war at Fort Delaware.

Feedback and information is most welcomed.

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