I am very happy that it is now Halloween season. I would have to say that it is my favorite holiday. This month, this site will be a lot different than usual. I have created the 'Virtual Haunted House'. Just click on the 'Jacquie's Virtual Haunted House' logo down below. You don't want to miss it! I will have more great free graphics as usual, but they will mostly be Halloween gif's.

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At The Site Fights I am both a fairy and a deputy.
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I am ready to fight in the Site Fights! On Monday, Oct. 12th you can vote for us! I am apart of the great team named, DQUEEN'S PHARAOH'S. To vote for me, click here....and you can see how much team spirit I have by visiting my Spirit Page!

Please keep in mind though, that you can only vote once a day per ISP account. But you can come back every day, and make a vote for your favorite web site --- THE FAMILY CIRCLE!!!

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