Artist Bios


Claude Hopper
Claude Hopper is one of the founding members of the original Hopper brothers group back in the 1950's. He is now the patriarch of the current group. Claude acts as emcee for the group and can also be heard telling jokes about his family. (Click on Claude to find out more about him.)
Connie Hopper
Connie Hopper joined the Hopper brothers as their piano player and gradually joined in singing. She married Claude and is the matriarch of the current Hoppers group. On stage, she is often the target of Claude's joking. Connie brings her sensitivity and compassion to the group. (Click on Connie to find out more about her.)
Claude and Connie Hopper
Dean Hopper
Dean Hopper is the oldest son of Claude and Connie. He grew up on the road and joined the group playing drums and guitar. Dean no longer plays for the group, but sings lead and adds his own playfulness to the family teasing. (Click on Dean to find out more about him.)
Kim Hopper
Kim Hopper, formally Kim Green, joined the Hoppers shortly after her marriage to Dean Hopper. She sings the soprano parts and takes the lead in many of the Hopper songs. (Click on Kim to find out more about her.)
Mike Hopper
Mike Hopper is the youngest son of Claude and Connie Hopper. He joined the group in his younger years and became the group's drummer. He also fills in ocassionally with vocals. (Click on Mike to find out more about him.)