Claude Hopper


Claude Hopper

One of the original Hopper brothers, Claude was there right from the beginning. He and his brothers started singing together as a group over 50 years ago. Shortly after their start, they enlisted Connie as their piano player. Her presense in the group and subsequent marriage to Claude set the stage for one of the most loved families in the Southern Gospel industry. Claude often jokes about Connie on stage, but it is obvious from watching them how much they love each other.

When not on the road, Claude takes pleasure in running his farm. He lives on the original farm owned by his father years ago. Keeping with the Hopper tradition, Claude continues to farm livestock. Unlike his father, however, Claude has


chosen to raise beef cattle rather than dairy.

Claude has many great stories to tell about his years growing up to the delight of all who listen. He is also the source of much good-natured teasing on stage, especially to his wife, Connie and eldest son, Dean.



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Connie Statistics:

Full Name: Claude Daniel Hopper

Birthdate: October 8, 1937


Spouse: Cornelia Elizabeth Hopper

Children: Claude Dean & Michael Brian

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Claude and Connie