Concert Recaps



Plano, Tx. 4-2-2009: I think if I were to name the group for the night, I would have called them "Kim and the Hoppers" as I think she was the featured singer for the evening. She would just finish one big number, barely catch her breath, and then jump right into another. No complaints from me there. :D

They didn't have a record table set up because the church has their CDs and DVDs for sale in its bookstore so Claude sent everyone there. That also meant that they weren't doing any autographing either. I think I saw Claude come out and talk to people afterwards, but I never did see Dean or Mike. Kim sat down on the stage and was talking a while with a crowd. Once the crowd died down, I made my way up and got her to sign her first solo CD for me. She used my pen since she didn't have one with her. :) She said during the show that Karlye stayed on the bus and Lexy was in the front, but she wouldn't go up on stage so I never actually got to see either of them.