Connie Hopper


Connie Hopper

Connie Hopper began her travels with the Hoppers when she was asked to join the original Hopper Brothers group as their piano player. Claude tells the story that she taught them how to sing using shaped notes. It wasn't long before she added her alto vocals the group and the name was changed to The Hopper Brothers and Connie. During the 50 year anniversary celebration for the Hoppers, Connie and the brothers returned to the stage and to the studio to record a new album under that old group name.


It was only a matter of time after her marriage to Claude before the group changed dynamics again. New male and female vocalists joined Connie and Claude to create a new Hoppers group. Sons Dean and Mike eventually joined the group as well to make a new generation of Hoppers. Daughter-in-law Kim Hopper became the final edition to the present day Hoppers group.

When not on the road, Connie keeps herself plenty busy. She recently graduated with a college degree in Biblical Education. She has written a book detailing her spiritual journey through breast cancer. She has now been free from cancer for nearly 30 years. Connie is a featured writer in each monthly issue of Singing News Magazine where she shares her spiritual insights with readers. One would think that with traveling and writing, Connie would be too busy to take on other projects, but with the release of The Ride DVDs last year, Connie also began hosting a television program about the Hoppers where she shares more of her spiritual insights with the viewers.



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Connie Statistics:

Full Name: Cornelia Elizabeth Hopper

Birthdate: July 16, 1940


Spouse: Claude Daniel Hopper

Children: Claude Dean & Michael Brian

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