Dean Hopper


Dean Hopper

The lead singer for the Hoppers is also Connie and Claude's eldest son, Dean Hopper. He has been traveling with the group for most of his life. In the early years, he played the drums for the group, then passed that task on to his brother, Mike. Next Dean could be seen with a guitar in hand. Now both instruments have been layed down and Dean gives his full time and attention to some powerful lead vocals.

In November 1988 Dean married the Greene's soprano, Kim Greene, uniting two great southern gospel families. Kim continued traveling with the Greenes for a while, until finally deciding to join the Hoppers full time as their soprano. Dean and Kim have two daughters together, Karlye Jade and Lexus Jazz.


When not on the road traveling to shows, Dean enjoys riding his motorcycle. He and brother Mike also have a recording studio built in their father's barn.

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Dean Statistics:

Full Name: Claude Dean Hopper

Birthdate: October 24th, 1962

Anniversary: November 20, 1988

Spouse: Kimberly Ellen Hopper

Children: Karlye Jade & Lexus Jazz Hopper

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