Welcome to The Hoppers: A Fan Site. This site is in no way connected with the Hoppers, but is a resource for Hoppers fans to communicate with one another and to share our love for the group. If you are looking for the official Hoppers website, that can be found here.

After seeing the Hoppers in concert recently, I began uploading pictures and video. After a while I realized just how hard it is to find info on the Hoppers other than on their website. Videos are scattered on YouTube. Pictures are scattered across the internet. Even news feeds are scattered around. I decided fans needed one place they could come together and share with each other our love for the Hoppers. Here you can post photos, read news updates, learn a little about the group, view their discography, and find links to other sites all over the web that pertain to the Hoppers. Eventually, I would also like to include a chatting section and a place for trading Hopper merchandise.

If you have any suggestions for other areas I can add, feel free to drop me an e-mail. In the meantime, have a look around and enjoy.


What's New?

  1. Update Dean's page
  2. Added You Tube videos

More to come...

  1. Additions to the discography page
  2. More photos uploaded
  3. Info added to bio pages
  4. More links to be added
  5. More videos to be added
Updated 11:13 PM 4/15/2009


Upcoming Concerts


8 - Ava, MO (Ava General Baptist Church)

9 - Butler, KY (The Gabbard Tabbernacle)

10 - Everett, PA ( Everett High School)

11 - Gary, TN (Boones Creek Baptist)



Hopper's Prayer Box

Please remember the Hoppers in your prayers...

  • Pray for their safety in their travels
  • Pray for their families
  • Pray for God's protection of them spiritually, physically, and emotionally
  • Pray for the hearts of the people they will be ministering to each week


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