George Samuel Evetts Family Page

First Generation

1.  George Samuel Evetts  was born in 1800 in North Carolina.  He died in 1850 in the garden of the old homeplace.  It is said he committed suicide.

George Samuel Evetts married Mary Quill.  She was born in 1810 in Tenn.  They had the following children:

2 i. Elizabeth Evetts was born in 1832

+3 ii.  Sarah Evetts

+4 iii. George Wesley Evetts

+5 iv.  Mary J. Evetts

+6 v. James Evetts

+7 vi.  Nancy Evetts

+8 vii. Nellie Evetts


George Samuels son George Wesley married Sarena Jane Bundren.  That makes Nancy her sister-in-law.  Later Nancy marries Sarena Jane's father( George C. Bundren). That makes Nancy her sister-in-law and her step Mother. 

1.  Who was Mary Quill's family?
2.  When did she die?
3. What happened to Elizabeth?  Did she ever marry?  Did she have any children ? When did she die?