Samantha Evetts Family Page

Fourth Generation

Samantha Evetts was born on March 28, 1882 in Stonefort IL.  She died on Oct. 13 1968 in Marion Memorial Hospital, Marion IL.  She was buried on Oct. 16, 1968 In Maplewood Cemetery Marion IL.  Funeral was at Mitchell Funeral Home Marion IL.

She was married to Clarence Joseph Van Dyke on April 10, 1901 in Warder Street Baptist Church Marion IL.

Clarence Joseph VanDyke was born on April 4, 1881 in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.  He died on July 13, 1965 in Marion Memorial Hospital, Marion IL.  He was burried on July 15, 1965 in Maplewood Cemetery, Marion IL.  He was a farmer and carpenter. Samantha and Clarence Van Dyke had the following children:

+45 i. Charles Everett Van Dyke

+46 ii.  Floyd Van Dyke

47 iii. Clara Van Dyke

48 iv. Edith Van Dyke Was born in Stonefort IL.  she was buried in Henshaw Cementery Stonefort IL.  She died as an infant.


Clarence Van Dykes parents were:
Henry Van Dyke :
Isabelle Russell

1.  We need the dates for when Edith Van Dyke was born and died.

left to right:  Vernie (holding purse) her husband with the gallowses on shirt. Next Birthy Evetts (behind her Thomas George Evetts(has a tie on.) Next Samanty Evetts and her husband Clarence Van Dyke behind her(checked shirt and wearing thick glasses)  Next Clara Nickleson and her husband Alvin Nickleson.(white shirt on).