The Clan finley are descended from Kenneth
MacAlpin, first King of Scotland.

Charles Finley, the first Finley in my line to
come to America, was born November 30,
1736 in Glasgow, Scotland.  He died March
15, 1816 in Hillsboro, North Carolina.
He was the son of John Finley and Mary

On June 6, 1774 he was married to Sarah
Nancy McDowell, daughter of Capt. Joseph
McDowell and Margaret O'Neal.  Sarah
Nancy McDowell was born May 10,1739
and died before 1800.

Children of Charles Finley and Sarah Nancy
McDowell were the following:

Francis Finley b. February 5, 1775 in Hillsboro,
North Carolina and died January 25, 1863.
He was married to Jane Carothers on November
22, 1797.

William Finley b. April 10, 1777 and died 1849.
He was married to Sarah McDaniel on
March 8, 1815.

Mary Finley b. April 24, 1779 and in 1798
was married to Joel McCorkle.

John Finley b. November 6, 1780 and d. 1840.
He was married to Mary Caroline Dempsey on
April 16, 1804.

James Finley b. May 24, 1778 and died 1824.
He was married in l814 to Rebecca Allison.

Rebecca Finley b. July 15, 1783 and on June
22,1801 was married to John Dean.

George Finley b. March 8, 1785 in Hillsboro, N.C.

Charles Edward Finley b. January 4, 1789
and on June 14, 1811 was married to Nancy
Ann Owens.

Samuel Finley b. December 27, 1791 and d.
July, 1840.  He was twice married, first to
Martha Askew and second to Harriet Stephens.

William Finley, son of Charles and Sarah Nancy
Finley, and Sarah McDaniel, daughter of John
and Sarah Hodge McDaniel, were the parents
of the following:

Tilmon Brittian Finley b. January 22, 1816
d. March 2, 1885.  On September 2, 1841 he
was married to Elizabeth Malinda Sanders,
daughter of William Wesley Sanders and
Elizabeth Haislip Byrd Sanders.

William Say Finley b. July 5, 1819 and d.
September 1893.  He was married to Mary

Lucinda Ann Finley

Thomas H. Finley b. September 20, 1821
died in infancy.

John E. Finley b. August 1, 1823,
never married.

Jackson C. Finley b. October 14, 1825 d.
February 23, 1895.  On January 8, 1852 he
was married to Mary Ann Murdock and on
August 29, 1867 he was married to Martha

Tilmon Brittian Finley and Elizabeth Malinda
Sanders Finley were the parents of the following:

Sara Elizabeth Finley b. Octover 26, 1842 d.
August 15, 1909.  On April 6, 1862 she was
married to Gideon Cephas Finley.

Louisa Ann Finley b. August 6, 1844 d. January
6, 1914.  On February 10, 1870 she was
married to John Houston Duckworth.
Their family can be seen on
the Duckworth page of this site.
To see the Duckworth page please click HERE

William W. Finley b. July 21, 1846 d. May
4, 1931.  On December 12, 1867 was married
to Martha J. Isom.

Mary Finley b. April 10, 1838 d. February
15, 1925.  On  August 10, 1871 was married
to John Thomas Finley.

John Finley b. November 6, 1850 d. November
10, 1916.  He was married to Sallie__?__

John Turner Finley b. January 30, 1855 d.
February 7, 1855.

Amanda Penelope Finley b. June 26, 1856
was married to Silas F. Hill

Charles Newton Finley b. June 11, 1858 was
married to Molly Armstrong.

Martha Adeline Finley b. September 3,
1860.  Never married.

Susan Jane Finley b. January 7, 1863 d.
1929.  She was married to Jim Sowell

Robert Lee (Sam) Finley b. August 10, 1865
He was married to Appalona Finley

James T. Finley b. December 24, 1852 d.
July 18, 1921.  He was married to
Hortense Billingsley.

Glasgow, Scotland

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